The Script, Edition 5 - May 2011

Hello theatre lovers!
Its hot and will only get hotter - and I ain't talking about the weather. The theatre scene is scrorching this month with plays in every genre for everyone from your 5 year old to...well however old you'd like to be!

And if it's hot is must be Summertime at Prithvi - the annual children's theatre festival with workshops and plays. This years plays seem to have classical bent. Lots of great plays are being retold for children:
Nasseuddin Shah directs George Bernard Shaw's satire 'Arms and the Man', Proscenium present a version of Becket's Waiting for Godot in 'Two Blind Mice', Ranga Theatre merge two legendary stories in 'Wonderland - The Alice and Don Quixote Story' and the ever prolific Akvarious retells the story of 'Peter Pan'.
There are some old favourites also returning to the Summertime festival like 'Suar Chala Space Ko', 'A Special Bond Part 1 & 2' and 'About Ram'. Oh to be a kid again!!

NCPA seems to have been re-energised and have created a new festival for Hindi theatre 'Anand' which makes its debut this month with productions from Rangbaaz, IPTA and Yatri.

We at QTP are taking the summer off. We think it's more fun to be in the audience with the kids than on stage for them. Our Thespo initiative of last year Dramabaazi unfortunately had to be cancelled at the last minute due to unavoidable circumstances. We hope to bring it back next year.

Also momentum is building on for Thespo 13 and we have shows of our new play Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum coming up in July.

Last month's quiz resulted in a great many winners. What phrase is used in theatre to describe lines improvised by an actor? 68% guessed correctly - 'Ad Lib'. Well Done!

In this month's issue our articles scrape the ceiling a little bit with a report on Broadway's Spiderman, a note on Peter Pan and the explots of high flying stalwarts like Nadira Babbar and Pt. Satyadev Dubey.

Here's what you can look forward to this month:

Trivia Time
: Fly Men
Great Text
: Mrs. Warren's Profession by George Bernard Shaw
Thespo at Prithvi: A wrap up of April.
Thespo 13: We're Hiring!! Get involved.
Point of View: Priti Bakalkar reviews Ekjute's 'Begum Jaan'.
4 Corners
: Himanshu Sitlani has spondilitis from watching 'Spiderman - Turn Off the Dark' on Broadway.
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre': Dolly Thakore attends the Padma Bushan ceremony for Pandit Satyadev Dubey.
AK's Various Thoughts: Boxers, 40 shows and Peter Pan.
Up & Coming: Complete Schedule of what to watch in May.
Theatre Training
: Workshops for children, adults, and everything in between.
Other Theatre News
: Casting opportunities, NCPA Ananda Theatre Festival,
Curtain Call: Richard O'Brien on his job situation at the theatre.

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