Thespo at Prithvi

Thespo at Prithvi was started in 2007 to provide a more regular showcasing of the best youth theatre talent in the country. Thus every first Tuesday and Wednesday each month, the next generation of theatre wallahs stride across the hallowed Prithvi stage.

April saw two separate performances on two consecutive days.

Choukuni Varthul, a Marathi play that had impressed the screening committee but had not been short listed for Thespo 12 was staged on the 5th of April. The play had a powerful performance by Ajit but unfortunately the rest of the cast seemed a little under rehearsed.

Day two saw two short plays combine to become one powerpacked evening of entertainment. IIT Powai's Nalli Ke Kutte made up the first half and Zaahir's Spiral Bound made up the second half of an evening called Split Second. The response was stupendous. Not a seat available and both plays were very well appreciated.

Since it's the children's season there will be no Thespo at Prithvi in June. Watch this space for our July line up.

There are still options for performance at Thespo at Prithvi. If you have a short 15 to 20 minute piece that you think can work well outside the main space then do get in touch with us.

If you have a play that you think can work in the outdoor areas of Prithvi Theatre, email us at