The Script, Edition 12 - December 2010. Thespo 12 Special Edition

It's December. And that means only one thing - ITS THESPO TIME!!!!!!

This year Thespo is struggling to find support from the corporates and appeals to you help us save the festival! Become a Friend Of Thespo today!

From December 14th to 19th at Prithvi Theatre and NCPA Godrej Dance Theatre, we proudly present THESPO 12 - THEATRE STRIKES BACK!!!

Here's the lo-down on all that we have on offer at Thespo 12:
Friends Of Thespo (FOT):- Save Thespo! Become a FOT today.
T12 Schedule:- The festival at a glance
Workshops:- Masks, movement, materials, writing, inspirations, ideas, radio, dance. It's all here. From the UK, Canada and India. Register now. Entry Free.
Live Bands:- The Prithvi cafe comes alive every evening with live jazz, rock, alternative rock, etc. at Red Fm Band-o-Mast.
Thespo Fringe:- A brand new category at the festival. Watch no-frills performances every day free of cost.
Platform Performances:- A regular feature at Thespo where performers explore space, form and content.
Plays:- A delectable menu of all new writing exploring the past, the present, the future and the intangible!

To find out more like tickets, workshop registrations, or just how to be a part of India's Premier Youth Theatre Festival. Log on to our blog at

If you wish to be a part of TEAM THESPO - Its not Late!! You can still Volunteer in various capacities for Thespo 12. Mail

So since this is Thespo Month, our The Script Edition is dedicated to all things Thespo. All our regular features will have a certain 'Thespo' air. Enjoy:

Trivia Time: About Thespis
Great Text: A reading at Thespo 12.
The President is Coming: We're Back and heading to Bangalore.
Khatijabai of Karmali Terrace: We're traveling again - This time to Ahmedabad.
Thespo 12: Its Here!! Its now!!! It Dozen get better than this!!!!!
Point of View: Priti Bakalkar reviews Quaff Theatre's 'Skeleton Woman'.
4 Corners: Kashin Shetty previews the 4 final plays of Thespo 12.
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre': Dolly Thakore recounts the beginnings of Thespo.
AK's Various Thoughts: The Various Thespoians of Akvarious.
Q's Countdown: Q counts 10 Thespo Memories.
Up & Coming: Details of the Final Four plays of Thespo 12, Platform Performances and Thespo Fringe.

Theatre Training: Details of Thespo 12 Workshops.
Other Theatre News: NCPA's festival 'Centre Stage' and Jan Natya Manch's festival 'Sarkash'.
Curtain Call: Quotes on Thespo.

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