QTP Workshops


The current batch of QTP's 'After Hours' workshop kicked off on the 10th of September and has been going on pretty well.

However, no more batches for the rest of the year. Next batch in 2011. Keep watching this space!!!!!

'AFTER HOURS' is our special ice breaker/ explorator/ tester/nothing lost-everything gained, weekend acting course for a quick check to explore & determine latent potential & future career in theatre/films. The program will include voice work, body language, theatre games, role playing, statues, miming, script writing & more.

With emphasis on acting going beyond observing to actual 'doing' the group is treated like a professional theatre troupe and all topics covered as though they were rehearsals and improvisations.The course will culminate in a short play on the final day to be performed for friends, family & public.