4 Corners - Kashin Shetty previews the 4 plays for Thespo 12


The ‘Final four’ in Thespo this year couldn’t possibly be any more different from each other. Take the first three from Pune for instance. All from the same city but what variety!

Tipping Point (Marathi):- 4 human beings in black spandex and white masks take on the forms of various computer parts and functions, sometimes morphing themselves into tables and chairs, sometimes making you stare in awe as they perform a complex series of “oh, that looks difficult” dance moves backed with some elegant music. The focus however is to tell a heart-warming story. A futuristic depiction of human relationships and the crumbling of Indian families.

My Goad Pune (Marathi):- What if the people of Pune got so conscious of what kind of people came to settle down there? What if they start conducting a ‘Pune Entrance Exam’ before letting newcomers in? What if 2 young men come together and write a play on such an issue? The result is ‘My Goad Pune’. A simple story, simply told, through the eyes of a simpleton from Satara who dreams of having a future in Pune, and the pains he has to face to pass this exams, and how he deals with the most dangerous thing in the world ….. Pune traffic !

Chakra (no language) :- From the team that gave us ‘Dalan’ in 2008, and ‘Geli Ekvees Varsha’ in 2009, Chakra is set in pre-historic times and re-creates the biggest moments of mankind; the invention of the wheel, and fire, but most importantly, the discovery of love, logic and understanding. Armed with a production design which can put any commercial theatre team to shame, realistic costumes, live music, an actual set, etc. These B.M.C.C. College students are going to take you back to when it all began !

And finally, from our own home ground (Bombay, for those who get confused easily)

Papier-Mache Petals (English):- A story about, finding love; understanding yourself; looking back but not letting it hold you back; destiny; parents; friends; laughter; life ! this and much more, as seen by 3 teenagers. With a great soundtrack (from a live band) and some rib tickling stand up comedy thrown in, theres so many things one can take back home from this play… and if nothing else, lessons on how to keep certain bodily airs in control, through song.

So there you have it! Variety, originality (yes, they are all original scripts), talent, earnestness, but most importantly, ‘entertainment’. Oh, you wont forget Thespo 12 too easily….. trust me.