Curtain Call

A couple of months ago, 2 of Bombay's well known and spoken of actors tied the knot, Sumeet Vyas and Shivani Tanksale.

And many people would be aware that for an actor, an audition call can come out of no where.

So on the day of the wedding, minutes before the final wedding ceremony, as Sumeet got off the horse, his phone rang. This is what was heard:

"Nahin yaar main aaj audition ke liye nahin aa sakta hoon. ....Nahin yaar sach mein. Aaj meri shaadi hai. Nahin mein mazaak nahin kar raha hoon....mein abhi abhi ghoda se utara hoon. Sorry yaar.Monday ko aata hun."

Least to say the wedding went on as schedule and now they live happily ever after as Mr.& Mrs. Tanksale....oops...Vyas.