Great Text Reading - Read with us at Thespo 12

This month, the Great Text Reading will be a little different. Since its Thespo 12 time, we thought it would be good idea to integrate the two together.

In the month of December, we will hold a reading of Titas Halder's work in progress on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy as part of Thespo 12 Fringe.

Titas Halder has been researching and developing a piece surrounding the Bhopal Gas Tragedy which is scheduled to open in the UK sometime next year. The workshop, "Workshopping a Text" will give young actors an opportunity to be part of the building process of a play. It will culminate in this short dramatised performance, after which there will be a discussion with the audience to help further develop the play.

This staged reading is art of the Thespo Fringe showcase:-
On Tuesday 14 December 2010 at 7pm at Prithvi House.

Participants will include four actors. specifications coming soon.
For more details, visit