The Script, Edition 6 - June 2011

The sun's barely out, just keeps raining all day wait, that's Toronto weather. But being June, the Bombay weather is sure to get that way pretty soon. Weather reports notwithstanding, this month promises to be a good month for theatre lovers. Summertime for Children shows will continue at the Prithvi and a brand new venue - Bhavan's Theatre at Chowpatty. This month sees the returns of 2 favourites that have never quite done enough performances - High-Pot-In-Use-Tri-Angle's 'Me Grandad 'ad an Elephant' and Harami Theatre's hilarious and hard hitting 'Butter and Mashed Banana', which won Outstanding play at Thespo 7 in 2005. Also this month, Sunil Shanbag finally shows Bombay his new play 'Stories in a Song'. So grab your tickets soon!!

On the QTP Front, we're gearing up for shows of our brand new comedy, Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum at the Comedy Store on the 22nd of June and more shows in July too. Also prepartions are in full swing for India's premier youth theatre festival - Thespo 13 Orientation Meetings will be held in July.
And not to forget, Great Texts is on the 27th of June!!!! We hope to see you at these events!!!

Last month's quiz resulted in our best percentage of right answers. Is stage left the left of the stage as seen from the actors point of view or the audience point of view? 78% guessed correctly - 'The Actor'. Very very nice!
Theatre in India lost a giant in May - Badal Sircar. We pay homage to him in this issue.
We also have another theme for the issue - Peter Pan; he (or she) seems everywhere!
Here's what you can look forward to this month:

Trivia Time: Badal Sircar
Great Text
: Are you Shaw you don't want to read with us?
Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum: Back with more shows!
Thespo 13: It's almost here!!
Friends of Thespo: We need your support!
Point of View: Gurleen Judge reviews Akvarious' 'Peter Pan'.
4 Corners
: Shruti Sridharan recounts her experience of Peter Pan in Chicago.
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre': Dolly Thakore remembers Badal Sircar.
AK's Various Thoughts: MAY the force be with me.
Kashin Baba's Babblings: Living the dream sometimes causes nightmares.
Q's Countdown: Adult moments in Children's Theatre.
Up & Coming: Complete Schedule of what to watch in June.
Theatre Training
: Children's Workshops and Kalaripayattu Workshop.
Other Theatre News
: Details of International Clown Festival, Rang-e-Tamseel Theatre Festival  and A theatre broadcast of 'Frankenstein'.
Curtain Call: Badal Sircar on why he became a playwright.

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