Thespo 13 - We're Coming soon!!

Founded in 1999 by Theatre Group Bombay (TG), India’s oldest English language theatre group, Thespo has been created to give young performers (under the age of 25) an opportunity to hone their talents, in the simulated environment of professional theatre. Giving teams the best infrastructure available, so that they can produce the best work possible. Guidance in terms of technical and dramatic knowledge is also provided to the teams.

From the humble beginnings of a one-act play festival, the movement has grown into a round the year activity - with Thespo at Prithvi happening on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month and an Annual National Festival organised every December.

Thespo 13 - Get Lucky!

Thespo 13 will run from 13 December to 18 December 2011 at Prithvi & NCPA.

We have begun taking baby steps to the next edition of Thespo and if you think you can contribute and make a difference to the first teenage year of Thespo in any way and would like to volunteer do write to us at or call on +91 9867562859

Also Thespo 13 Orientation Meeting will be held in a city near you in July. Look out for more details soon!!

How you can get involved:

* Stage a Play: Any play on any topic. Must be at least 1 hour long.
* Short performances in a non-regular space are held before every show. (Includes mime, short plays, poetry reading, monologues, etc.)
* Attend a Workshop: Workshops each month conducted by eminent theatre veterans on a variety of topics.
* Design A Poster: Poster designing competition, where participants design posters for the short listed plays, which will be exhibited at the festival.
* Write an Article: Submitting an article on theatre for the festival magazine.
* Join Team Thespo: Design posters, sets, interior décor, work in PR, marketing, backstage, lighting, interact with theatre professionals, organize performances and a whole lot more.

Further details of the festival will be publicised as soon as they are confirmed on our Facebook Group- 'Thespo' and on

For an overview of last year's festival, watch the video here.