The Script, January 2010 - Issue 1

Hello again! We'd like to wish all our Script readers a very Happy New Year!

The New Year brings to us some great theatre to look forward to. January at Prithvi see's Akvarious with their collection of plays and Manav Kaul debuts 'Red Sparrow'. Meanwhile at the NCPA, Rage's 'One on One' brings together the city's directors and actors.

On the QTP front, we are still recovering from the phenomenal success Thespo 11. But, the show goes on and this month at Thespo at Prithvi, we present 3 award winning marathi plays, 'Dalan,' I'nstitute of Pavtalogy' and 'Geli Ekvees Warsha' on the 12th and 13th of January. Hope to see you there. Also this month, we are back with our 'After Hours' Theatre Workshop which will happen in Sion.

In this month's edition, David Thomson talks about Method Acting and theatre director and producer Akarsh Khurana gives a round up of the best plays of 2009.

Trivia Time: Theatre of China.
Thespo at Prithvi: 3 Award Winning Marathi plays!.
Thespo 11: A Wrap of the 11th year of India's Premier Youth Theatre Festival by Sneha Nair
Great Texts: What are we going to read next month?
4 Corners: Ramu Ramanathan forwards to us a piece by David Thomson about Method Acting.
AK's Various Thoughts: Best plays of 2009!

After Hours: Theatre Workshop in Sion

Great Stuff: Workshops and Job Oppurtunities!!
Up & Coming: Complete schedule of what to catch in January.
Curtain Call: Alfred Jarry on the virtue of a dress rehearsal.

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