Thespo at Prithvi

Thespo at Prithvi was started in 2007 to provide a more regular showcasing of the best youth theatre talent in the country. Thus every first Tuesday and Wednesday each month, the next generation of theatre wallahs stride across the hallowed Prithvi stage.

Thespo at Prithvi is also providing an opportunity for young theatre groups to showcase their short plays, as a pre show appetizer before the main show on each Thespo at Prithvi show day.

If you have a play that you think can work in the outdoor areas of Prithvi Theatre, email us at

Thespo at Prithvi in January '10

Hot on the heels of their success at Thespo 11, Pune youth theatre groups return to Prithvi Theatre.

Natak Company presents Dalan.
Directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari

Dalan is a hilarious musical comedy set in a small village in Maharashtra. A tyrannical school master arrives at his new posting and has to reckon with the antics of a lively bunch of school children. To make matters worse, the school master finds he is irresistibly attracted to the mother of one of the students. Adapted from a short story by D.M. Mirasdar, this is a wicked roller-coaster of a play that promises to be a laugh riot.

At Thespo X, Dalan won a slew of awards for Male Actor, New Writing and Outstanding Play.
The play is showing at Prithvi Theatre at 6pm on 12 Jan. 2010.

BMCC presents Institute of Pavtalogy
Directed by Aalok Rajwade and Abhay Mahajan

Want to know how to extort money more effectively? Want to learn how to use violence more efficiently? Want to become a certified tapori? Then join the Institute of Pavtology. A satire on new India’s greatest traits – business enterprise & goondagardi.

At the recently concluded Thespo 11 Awards, the play received multiple nominations and even a special award for Outstanding Male Ensemble.
The play is showing at Prithvi Theatre at 9pm on 12 Jan. & 6pm on 13 Jan. 2010.

Natak Company presents Geli Ekvees Varsha
Directed by Aalok Rajwade

Life. Education. Money. Job. Relationships. Insecurities. Drugs. Freedom. Facebook. Sex. Love. Confusion… Has nothing else happened in the last 21 years? A look at being 21 years old in the 21st century. Written by 20 year old Dharmakirti Sumant, the script won the Outstanding New Writing Award at Thespo 11.

This brand new play from Pune also swept the Thespos for Outstanding Production Design, Outstanding Direction and the Sultan Padamsee Award for Outstanding Play at the recently concluded Thespo 11.
The play is showing at Prithvi at 9pm on 13 Jan. 2010.

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