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The following is a list of shows you should watch out for this month. The code to it's deciphering is as follows:

in blue are QTP events.
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Date, Day

Time & Venue



6, Wed

6 & 9pm, Prithvi

Hey Bhagwan

A satirical comedy, a pun on our so-called commercial society.

7, Thu

6 & 9pm, Prithvi

Ek Tha Gadha

Power struggles and extent of inhumanity that our leaders are ready to go through to retain power.

8, Fri

6 & 9pm, Prithvi

Hadh Kar Di Aapne

A Yatri Theatre Presentation.

9, Sat

6 & 9pm, Prithvi

Chinta Chhod Chintamani

The story of a family where the father thinks his progenies are standing at the threshold of total ruination

10, Sun

11am, Prithvi

Mummy Please!!

With Paromita Chatterjee,
Anirudda Nag,Jaya Ojha,Sarika Singh,Priyanka Basu and others.

6 & 9pm, Prithvi

Bhaag Chalein

Directed by Om Katare.

12, Tue

6pm, Prithvi


A hilarious comedy set in a small village in Maharashtra.

Directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari.

Winner of Outstanding Actor, Outstanding Supporting Actor and Outstanding Play at Thespo 10 (2008)

9pm, Prithvi

Institute of Pavtalogy

A satire on new India’s greatest traits – business enterprise & goondagardi.

Directed by Abhay Mahajan and Alok Rajwade.

Winner of Outstanding Supporting Actor at Thespo 11 (2009)

13, Wed

6pm, Prithvi

Institute of Pavtalogy

Want to know how to extort money more effectively? Want to learn how to use violence more efficiently? Want to become a certified tapori? Then join theInstitute of Pavtology.

A B.M.C.C., Pune Presentation.

9pm, Prithvi

Geli Ekvees Warsha

Life. Education. Money. Job. Relationships. Insecurities. Drugs. Freedom. Facebook. Sex. Love. Confusion…… Has nothing else happened in the last 21 years?

Directed by Alok Rajwade.

Winner of Outstanding New Writing, Outstanding Director and Outstanding Play at Thespo 11 (2009)

14, Thu

9pm, Prithvi

All About My Mother

A simple story of a mother’s search for her son’s father.

15, Fri

6 & 9pm, Prithvi

All About My Mother

With Ratna Pathak Shah, Anand Tiwari, Puja Sarup and others.

Directed by Akash Khurana.

16, Sat

6 & 9pm, Prithvi


The play delves into the world of mathematics, sibling rivalry and love, raising compelling questions about the nature of genius.

17, Sun

11am, Prithvi

The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat

Based on The Five Find Outers and Dog Series By Enid Blyton.

6 & 9pm

All About Women

With Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Prerna Chawla,Nimrat Kaur,Tahira Nath,Malaika Shenoy and
Shivani Tanksale.

Directed by Hidaayat Sami.

19, Tue

9pm, Prithvi

Amar Fal

Amar Fal - The eternal story of Raja Bharthari.

20, Wed

9pm, Prithvi

Amar Fal

An Idea's Unlimited Presentation.

21, Thu

9pm, Prithvi

Amar Fal

Directed by Manoj Shah.

22, Fri

9pm, Prithvi

S*x, M*rality & Cens*rship

A modern seduction of ideas exploring one of the most controversial issues of our time – morality and censorship.

23, Sat

6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi

S*x, M*rality & Cens*rship

Developed by Shanta Gokhale and Irawati Karnik.

Director Sunil Shanbag

24, Sun

11am, Prithvi


The never ending human needs and the resulting Dependency on materialistic possessions

12:15pm, Prithvi


About the conflict within the Brahmin Ideology.

4pm, Prithvi

Lukka - Chuppi

What if the emotions of love, envy, jealousy start playing hide and seek with a child?

5:15pm, Prithvi

Vithabai Cha Kawala

A Marathi satire on Hindu rituals after death.

8pm, Prithvi

Suraj Wali Raat

Son of an influential industrialist, suddenly and most unimaginably, finds himself spending a night on city footpath.

9:15pm, Prithvi


Two Girls portraying different characters depicting different relationships.

26, Tue

9pm, Prithvi

Red Sparrow

An Aranya Presentation.

27, Wed

9pm, Prithvi

Red Sparrow

Written and Directed by Manav Kaul.

28, Thu

6 & 9pm, Prithvi

Red Sparrow

With Sudhir Pandey, Kumud Mishra, Shubrajyoti Bharat, Umesh Jagtap and others.

29, Fri

7pm, Prithvi

Chhau Dance (Mayurbhanj Style)

With Guru Maheswas Hohanta and group.

30, Sat

7pm, Prithvi

Chhau Dance (Seraikella Style)

With Guru Gopal Prasad Dubey and group.

31, Sun

6 & 9pm, Prithvi

Red Sparrow

We all have people we hero-worship. Anand too has his heroes. His heroes are famous writers and legendary characters.

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