The Script, Edition 9 - September 2013

You'd think that the Ganpati drums would dissuade theatre companies from staging their productions, but if anything it seems to have intensified.

Plenty of plays return after relatively long hiatius'. Utkarsh Mazumdar's Jagine Joun To Narsaniyo, Balancing Act's docu-drama '26/11 - A Personal War', and Manhar Ghadia's Saat Teri Ekvees all return. And then there are the plays that keep on going. Vagina Monologues, Pune Highway and Broken Images! For some reason children's plays also make a strong appearance in the calendar - Joy Fernandes' 'Clowns @ Play' and Ansh Theatre's 'Timeboy'. Also the Park New Theatre festival comes to town.

On the QTP Front, we are delighted to announce that the opening run of our new production A Peasant of El Salvador which premiered at Prithvi on the 1st of September. Thank you for all those who came!! We now moves to South Bombay with shows at Avenue 29 on the 8th of September and The Nehru Centre on the 28th of September. Please spread the word!!! 

Also our very own theatre festival Thespo 15 has shifted to third gear. And, our monthly Great Text reading is on the 30th of the month!! 

In this month's edition of 'The Script', Here's what you can look forward to this month:

QTP Events:

Great Texts
: What are we going to read this month?
Thespo 15
: Last day to register your play!!!!
A Peasant of El Salvador: Our brand new play!

Point of View: Aishwarya Mahesh reviews 'An Incident at the Border'
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre'
: From Stage to Screen.
Ak's Various Thoughts
: shares his August Rush.
Q's Countdown: shares his 10 Thrilling Threesomes 

Great Stuff:
Trivia Time: Theatre Terms Origins: Break a Leg
Up & Coming : Complete Schedule of what to watch in September.
Theatre News : Theatre in Motion!
Curtain Call
: P.S.Baber on The Stage.

Theatre Opportunities:
Workshop : Two Theatre Professionals Workshops!!!

Yours Sincerely,
On Behalf of QTP,

Himanshu Sitlani