The Script, Edition 7 - July 2013

Hello Theatre Lovers!!

I'm sure the monsoon's were invented so we could enjoy garam bhajia's, hot chai or coffee (or milk in my case) and some good theatre. Thats what July promises to be!

This month see's a host of new plays! First up, the hit combo of Ramu Ramnathan and Jaimini Pathak team up with 'Postcards from Bardoli', The Company Theatre revives 'Noises Off', Lushin Dubey brings to Bombay 'Untitled' and 'Bitter Chocolate', Actor's Cult present 'A Kind of True Story', Saurabh Agarwal debuts his new comedy 'Kitty Kitty Bang Bang' and Akvarious brings 'Tuesday With Morrie' to the suburbs for the first time.

Also not to be missed are - The Company Theatre brings back 'Hamlet - The Clown Prince', The Orchid Room with 'Bombay Talkies', Choiti Ghosh's 'Alice in Wonderland' and AllmyTea's 'Cock'.


On the QTP front, Its Thespo season!!!!! Thespo 15 is here!!! Calling out to the futiure of Indian Theatre!!!! We kick start with Orientation Meetings in Bombay and Kolkata. Check out the link so see when we're coming near you!!! Also the Great Text Reading is on the 29th. Hope to see you there!!!

QTP Events:
Great Texts : Agatha Christie's 'The Mousetrap'

Thespo 15 : Its back! Its 15!!! Its Orientation Time!!!!

Point of View: Priti Bakalkar reviews 'Big Fat City'
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre' : Theatre is Everywhere.
AK's Various Thoughts: Akarsh shares June, Japs and Jagriti.

Great Stuff:
TriviaTime: The Mousetrap.
Up & Coming: Complete schedule of what to watch in July.
Link We Like: The 2013 Tony Award Winners.
Curtain Call
 : Sean O'Cassey take on Shakespear classsic line.

Theatre Opportunities:
: Theatre Professionals and Ekjute

Casting: Vikrant Dhote is casting!!

Yours Sincerely,
On Behalf of QTP,

Himanshu Sitlani