The Script, Edition 12 - December 2011. Thespo 13 Special Edition

It's December. And that means only one thing and one thing only - ITS THESPO TIME!!!!!! AND ITS A TEENAGER!!!!! 

This year Thespo is struggling to find support from the corporates and appeals to you help us save the festival! Become a Friend Of Thespo today!

From December 13th to 18th at Prithvi Theatre and NCPA Experimental, we proudly present THESPO 13 - THEATRE TERA MERA!!!

Here's the lo-down on all that we have on offer at Thespo 12:
Friends Of Thespo (FOT):- Save Thespo! Become a FOT today.
Thespo 13 Schedule:- The festival at a glance
Workshops:- Physical, Emotional, Absurdism, Radio and even Shakespeare. It's all here. From the UK, Australia and India. Register now!! Entry Free!!!!
Live Bands:- The Prithvi cafe comes alive every evening with live pop rock, alternative rock, Soul and Folk at Red Fm Band-o-Mast..
Platform Performances:- A regular feature at Thespo where performers explore space, form and content.
Plays:- A mouth watering palate which will make you laugh, touch your heart and explore your sexuality!

To find out more like tickets, workshop registrations, or just how to be a part of India's Premier Youth Theatre Festival. Log on to our blog at

If you wish to be a part of TEAM THESPO - Its not Late!! You can still Volunteer in various capacities for Thespo 13. Mail:

Our last month's quiz question was:
What word is used to describe a theatre that is closed?
Only 40% got it Right!
The correct answer was 'Dark'.
So since this is our 'Thespo' Special Edition, we thought we'd give you a certain 'Thespo' feel to all our regular sections. So sit back and enjoy.

Trivia Time: Thespo Stats

Mind Walking: Our First International show!
Thespo 13: Its Here!! Its now!!! Theatre Tera Mera!!!!!
Point of View: Priti Bakalkar reviews 'Spamalot' from Bangalore
4 Corners: Thespo Volunteers talk about their first Thespo experience.
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre': Dolly Thakore recounts the life of Thespo 9 Lifetime Acheivement Awardee and Theatre icon Pratap Sharma.

Q's Countdown: 10 acts of generosity that have happened at Thespo 

Up & Coming: Details of the Final Four plays of Thespo 13 and Platform Performances.
Theatre Training: Details of Thespo 13 Workshops.
Other Theatre News:
Details of PACT Zollverein Residency.
Curtain Call: Quotes on Thespo.

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