Curtain Call - Thespo Quotes

Being the Special Edition of Thespo, we decided we should get a quote on what Thespo meant to the FD's (Festival Directors) of Thespo this year and years gone by. This is what they had to say:

"Everyday at Thespo feels like christmas morning. Thespo completes me. Thespo is the window to my soul (Wow I actually became teary eyed).
Thespo introduced me to some of the strangest and most wonderful people in the world. It gave me the chance to belong to something very special. In its own way it helped my find myself. Its been 5 years for me and I still ache for more. I met my best friends here, I experienced some of theatre's finest moments on and off the stage, It just gives me this feeling of happiness inside. Its not something I can express or put down in words..but its mine...This special bond between me and Thespo. to put it simply, Q was once telling me about all the difficulties that we might have to face but it would all be worth it in the end. I was asked if I was up for it...My resposnse - you had me a Thespo."

- Amanda Cardoz, FD Thespo 11 in 2009

"Thespo teaches you a lot of things. You will learn how to make excel sheets, press the right buttons on people and machines alike, you will suffer rejection and understand the joys of hard earned victories. You will meet all kinds of people and learn all kinds of things about yourself. Most of all you need to Thespo because it will introduce you to a group of people who are even willing to drive themselves into penury so that every year a handful of youngsters can fall in love with theatre."

- Sneha Nair, FD Thespo 11 in 2009 

"THESPO - A festival that has been run by the youth for the youth. Being one of the FD’s is a job with a great responsibility. Deadlines after deadlines. They all come and go. It is here that I made some great friends, got an opportunity to learn from the Theatre giants, realized that a mistake is not a mistake until the audience realizes it and the art of naming files (with dates).If you want to have a life changing experience, or want to take on an adventure, Thespo is the place to be. Great people, hard working days and nights and an honest effort to do better theatre than that has been done before."

- Varun Bangera, FD Thespo 13 in 2011

"This month I worked with Kala Jathas in Rajasthan. As a campagin advocate for education reform, getting the opportunity to work with a local theatre group was a tremendous high. But before Thespo, theatre wasn't even a tiny part of my life. Co-Directing Thespo X changed how I look at work. Now i see theatre in everything!"

- Mehjabeen Jagmag, FD Thespo X in 2008