Welcome to the November issue of The Script. This month sees festivals galore with the 'Tata Literature Live', NCPA's 'Centre Stage' and our very own 'Thespo 13'. Check out the Other Theatre News Section for more details. Due to Prithvi Theatre being closed in November for renovations, the number of shows this month might be low, but do check the Up & Coming Section and catch some of the theatre happening in November. 

On the QTP front, we are very excited to present our first International Project, 'Mind Walking' which is touring India in November at Delhi, Bangalore and Bombay. Do buy your tickets now!!! Also the Director and Cast of 'Mindwalking' will be conducting workshops - 'Playing Shakespeare' and 'Devising with a fixed Cerceau' at the NCPA. Check the Theatre Training section for more details. And as mentioned earlier, Thespo 13 is right round the corner. Are you ready????????????????

Our last month's quiz question was:
Which 2 actors, most famous for ther screen performances, played the lead roles n David Hare's 'The Vertical Hour' when it opened on Broadway in 2006?
60% got it Right!
The correct answer was 'Bill Nighy and Julianne Moore'

In this month's edition of 'The Script', here's what you can look forward to:

Trivia Time: Fly System
Great Text: We're taking a break!!!!!!!
Mind Walking: Our first International Project!!
Thespo at Prithvi: Holi and Confessions return!!
Thespo 13: One month away!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friends of Thespo: Become one now!
Point of View: Priti Bakalkar reviews 'Copenhagen'
4 Corners:
Director John Binnie talks about the process of creating 'Mindwalking'.
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre': Dolly Thakore shares her theatre month of October.
Q's Countdown: Q counts 10 thngs he learnt while tourng with 'Mindwalking' in the UK.
Up & Coming: Complete Schedule of what to watch in November.
Theatre Training: Mindwalking Workshops, NCPA Workshop on Direction, Kalari and Theatre Professionals' Workshop.
Theatre News: Tata Literature Live and Centre Stage.
Curtain Call: Frank Scheenberger on good theatre.

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