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Mind Walking Workshop: Playing Shakespeare
17th November, 2011, Thursday at British Council, Bombay - 4 to 6pm

Senior actor and drama trainer Peter D'Souza takes participants through the magic of playing The Bard's words. The tools to keep in mind and how to make Shakespeare come alive.
Workshop will be conducted by Peter D'Souza and Philippa Vafadari.                                      No. of Participants: 15. Registration Fees: Rs.1000/- per person.

Mind Walking Workshop: Devising with a fixed Cerceau
18th November, 2011, Friday at NCPA Experimental Theatre - 9 to 11am

A workshop about creating work with this strange aerial form. How it changes the rules of performance. How it can be used.
Workshop will be conducted by John Binnie & Dylan Kennedy.                                               No. of Participants: 15. Registration Fees: Rs.1500/- per person.

NCPA Centrestage Theatre Festival | Theatre Workshop
Sea View Room - Workshop on Theatre Direction

The director is the leader of a theatre team and also a leader of the creative theatrical process. The director is the visualiser and interpreter of dramatic text. He/she must have in depth knowledge of all theatre arts. Though he/she is the caption of the ship there are very rare training opportunities available to train and cultivate such directorial talent. That is the prime reason for organising a drama direction workshop for aspiring directors.
Waman Kendre, Director, Academy of Theatre Arts, Mumbai University, will conduct the workshop.

Well-known directors will contribute to this workshop as guest speakers. This workshop will be practice-oriented, and conclude with a presentation directed by participants.

Registration opens on November 1, 2011. Registration Fees : Rs. 4,500/- for students and NCPA Members; Rs. 5,000/- for others. Contact 6622 3802, Monday to Friday, 10.00 am – 5.00 pm. Closed on public holidays. Or email dshinde@ncpamumbai.com

"KALARIPAYATTU" is originally a traditional form of Martial Arts that started in South India. is the oldest existing martial art form, dating back more than 2000 years.

This workshop is an introduction to Kalaripayattu for beginners as well as a practice session for basic techniques, body balance exercises, kicks, self defense techniques.
We seek to preserve and endorse the virtues of traditional Kalaripayattu martial arts by Master Belraj who is practitioner of this form since last 30 years.

Our mission is to popularize Kalaripayattu and provide easy accessibility to the common man.
It is all about the fluid animal movements, which is the core of Kalaripayattu. Kalaripayattu is evolved in the forest when people used to live in the forest.Kalaripayattu draws inspiration from different animals like wild boar, lion, snake, horse etc. This workshop would explore basic Kalaripayattu exercise to improve tone up body and mind.

Workshop Details:
Duration :- 14th to 24th November,2011 (Sunday Holiday)

Fees :- INR 2500

Batch 1: 5.00 to 6.45 p.m.
Batch 2: 7.15 to 9.00 p.m.

Address: Ravindra Natya Mandir, Behind Siddhivinayak Temple, Prabhadev

For more details contact: Belraj Soni - 9920997639 or email: belrajkalarimumbai@gmail.com

The Clown in You with Claudio Clavija
Participants will engage in the exciting and animated art of Clowning. Claudio will take you on a journey in search of your inner child. It is from this process that one discovers their clown. All exercises and engagements in this workshop will be accompanied by live music.
To learn clown is to learn what it is to live in the constant attempt to be loved by the audience. A must for any actors practice.
Dates - 28th Nov - 3rd Dec | Time- 8am- 2pm | Venue- P.L. Despande, Prabhadevi | Fees- 3,500/-

Foundation Skills Workshop with Geetanjali Kulkarni.
 In this workshop, actors will work within an ensemble to individually connect with the self. The focus will be on actors using fundamental tools such as the body, speech & voice,  and text work, to tap into their own reservoir of individual experiences, thoughts and emotions.
Geetanjali Kulkarni is an accomplished stage actress with extensive performance
and workshop training experience across the country.
Dates - 28th Nov - 3rd Dec | Time- 6pm- 10pm | Venue- P.L. Despande, Prabhadevi | Fees- 4,000/- 

For Any Details contact awp@theatreprofessionals.co.in or call us on 9321595159.