The Script, June 2010 - Issue 6

It may not be the new year, but the month of June is ringing in some brand new plays. First and foremost is Thespo's first children production 'The Mighty Mirembayanna & the Prisoners of Peace'. Also new this month is Trishla Patel's latest directorial venture 'Kumbh Katha', Manhar Gadhia's 'Saat Teri Ekvees Part 2', The Company Theatre's 'Hedda Gabler' and Working Title's 'Dirty Talk'.

On the QTP front, Thespo presents 'The Mighty Mirembayanna and the Prisoners of Peace' on the 1st and 2nd of June. The play written by Akash Mohmein and Directed by Abhishek Saha. Also this month is the 'Actors Intensive' and 'After Hours' workshop, click here for more details.

Other new things for June is that Deepa Gahlot has been named as the new head of theatre and film at the NCPA. We wish her all the luck in her endeavours.

However May left us with some losses as well. Shamanand Jalan, doyen of Calcutta theatre and founder of the vibrant Padatik Theatre, passed away. He will be missed by many. Also in neighbouring Pakistan, Uzra Butt, founder of Ajoka Theatre, too moved on to the higher stage in the sky. Some may remember her performance a few years ago with her sister Zora Segal, in Ek Thi Nani, . Both these doyens will be greatly missed.

In this month's issue, Dolly Thakore tell's about 'Censorship in Indian Theatre', Ashish Beesoondial shares his experience on staging 'A View from the Bridge' in Mauritius, Priti Bakalkar reviews 'The Caine Mutiny Court Martial'. Also Q gives us a list of '10 Alternative Theatre Spaces in Bombay' and Akarsh Khurana shares with us his 'Merry Month of May'.

Trivia Time: Jokes about Stage Managers.
Some Girl(s): Wrap up of May Show.
The President is Coming: QTP's First International show!
Great Text: What are we going to read this month?
QTP Workshops: Actors Intensive and After Hours.
Thespo 12: Wants You!!!
espo at Prithv
i: Dramabaazi Workshop and The Mighty Mirembayanna & The Prisoners of Peace.
Point of View: Priti Bakalkar reviews Motley's 'The Caine Mutiny Court Martial'.
4 Corners: Ashish Beesoondial shares his experience on staging 'A View from the Stage' in Mauritius
AK's Various Thoughts: Akarsh Khurana shares his month of theatre in May.
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre': Dolly Thakore tells us about the History of Censorship in Indian Theatre.
Q's Countdown: Q shares with us 10 alternative theatre spaces in Bombay.
Up & Coming: Complete Schedule of what to watch in June.
Theatre Training: Workshops!
Other Theatre News: Details of Writers Bloc 3, Trinity College International Playwriting Competition and Priti Bakalkar's comment on Mahesh Dattani's 'Sara'.
Curtain Call: August Strindberg on Playwrights.

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