Great Text Reading - Come Read a play with us!

On the last Monday of every month people meet in Q's drawing room to read a play they may have heard of but not necessarily have read. Writer's come to see how the greats wrote, actors come to play multiple parts and theatre lovers come because it keeps them in touch with the art form. It is open all and everyone takes turns in playing characters from the play. Discussions ensue after over tea and biscuits.

As a departure from the ancient, it was decided to read a modern Great Text. So in May we read Jez Butterworth's 'Jerusalem'.

The play has very little to do with the Israeli city, but rather is set on St George's Day, the morning of the local county fair. Johnny Byron, local waster and modern day Pied Piper, is a wanted man. The council officials want to serve him an eviction notice, his son, Marky wants his dad to take him to the fair, Troy Whitworth wants to give him a serious kicking and a motley crew of mates want his ample supply of drugs and alcohol.

The play didn't evoke a lot of comments, but one reader was upset with the anti - semitic propaganda throughout the play.

In the month of June, we will be reading Swiss playwright, Friedrich Durrenmatt's 'The Visit'.

The play, originally titled 'Der Besuch der alten Dame' tells the story of an elderly millionairess who, merely on the promise of her millions, swiftly turns a depressed area into a boom town. But the condition attached to her largesse, which the locals learn of only after they are enmeshed, is murder.

Friedrich D├╝rrenmatt (5 January 1921 – 14 December 1990) was a proponent of epic theater whose plays reflected the recent experiences of World War II. The politically active author's work included avant-garde dramas, philosophically deep crime novels, and often macabre satire. One of his leading sentences was: "A story is not finished, until it has taken the worst turn".

We will be reading it on the 28th of June at 7:30pm at 18 Anukool, Sq. Ldr. Harminder Singh Marg, 7 Bungalows. Next to Daljit Gym. All are welcome. If you need directions call Quasar on 26392688 or 9821087261.