January 2017

The last few months have seen the political conversation being placed front and centre. From passive paranoia to public protests, everyone around me has responded to the growing right wing sentiment sweeping across the globe. Britain moves towards rebuilding the financial and cultural walls in Europe. The US is on its way to building a brick-and-mortar wall as well as an immigration chasm. In our very own UP, constructing the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is back on the BJP election manifesto, along with free wifi and 1GB data.

The last few weeks, we have received more than a few requests to revamp and bring back on stage our very popular production - The President is Coming. The Bushisms can easily be replaced with Trumpisms. However, I suspect that the current President's statements would be a tad offensive, even for a satire!

You often hear about playwrights mirroring and critiquing society, but in some instances they are also prophets. Edward Albee's statement that we 'deserve' the democracy we live with, should be a wake up call to all. The current season of Great Texts focuses on Albee's vast body of work.

Theatre has always been able to bridge the widest of divides. This month Rory de Brouwer from Canada shares his story of meeting Daniele Bartolini from Italy and together performing for and with total strangers in different parts of the world. The Caucasian Chalk Circle - derived from a 14th century Chinese play, written in 1944 as a German play, performed in India over the decades in various languages, the latest in Hindi by the theatre students of Mumbai University. Dolly Thakore reminisces about this classic.

This month's issue has the regular stuff as well - AK's various thoughts, the most exciting shows Coming Up this month, various theatre Opportunities, Quasar's column in the Asian Age and Kalpak's Point of View on Stand Up.

Happy Reading!