July 2016

June sadly brought with it the passing of three great theatre people: one international, one national and one local; Peter Schaffer, K.N. Panicker and Darpan Mishra. And almost immediately, the clouds began to shed their tears in mourning.

K.N. Panicker Malayalam plays made significant impact on India’s theatre scene; and Darpan Mishra was a much loved actor and regular of theatre company Ekjute. They will be sorely missed.
UK Playwright Peter Schaffer also passed away this month, and therefore we thought it apt to dedicate our next Great Texts Reading season to him and twin his brother Anthony. Both formidable writers who authored some of the best loved modern plays.

Taking from Peter Schaffers quote above, we at QTP are in the process of giving body to a brand new play written by Arghya Lahiri, which will open in August.
Celebrating writers seems to be the theme this month. The deadline for the Sultan Padamsee Award is approaching. Similarly there are plenty of newly written plays featured in Coming Up, plus the regular Shakespeare and musical favourites.
Dolly Thakore asks if the recent resurgence of revivals is a reflection on the lack of quality new texts, while Priti Bakalkar reviews one of these revivals.  We also have a review from afar, as Matthew Wasser talks about the intriguingly named The Motherfucker with the Hat, which he saw at London’s National Theatre.

Thespo 18 kicks off this month, and that is probably the best opportunity for anyone under 25 who wants to get involved with theatre. But, if you are above the age cut off, don’t fret, because there are quite a few listings in our Opportunities section, including free talks, workshops and a lot more. Also new to The Script is a link to Quasar’s Asian Age column, in which he shares his own unique perspective on theatre each fortnight.

Happy Reading!