The Script - May 2015

Hello Theatrefolk,

We apologise profusely for the delay in sending out the latest edition of The Script, but who knew that May would be so busy. While I was busy with the premiere of shows of 'The Hound of the Baskervilles', the rest of QTP were tied up with the opening of 'The God of Carnage'. For this we are sorry.

But May 2015, is strangely more active than ever. As always there is plenty on offer for children:  Rashmi Sharma's 'Peggy Pane', Aranya's 'The Island' and 'T.Pot's 'Growing Up' at the NCPA, Rangbaaz's 'James Aur Ek Giant Peach' at Smaash and Motley's 'Gadh-ha Aur Gadd-ha', Aarambh's 'Tunni Ki Kahaani' and Actor's Cult 'Dhara Ki Khanai' at the Prithvi Theatre.
Surprisingly this summer, there is also plenty for the non-child as well: Black Boxer's 'Kind of True Story', Aarambh's 'Umrao', Primetime's 'Boiled Beans on Toast', Ace's 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and Essay's 'Tajmahal ka Udghathan'. Then there is the Jeff Goldberg Studio festival, plus lots, lots more.

On the QTP Front, we have just opened our new vicious comedy, The God of Carnage, and in case you missed it, we head to Delhi in July before returning to Bombay in August. However we close out the month with a unique theatre initiative: Theatre at Blue Frog. On the 31st of May we will be performing A Peasant of El Salvador, in a specially designed evening. Also Great Texts is on the 25th, so see you all there!!

QTP Events:
Great Texts
: What are we going to read this month?

A Peasant of El Salvador: Show at Blue Frog!
The God of Carnage: Our newest comedy!!!
Point of View: Priti Bakalkar reviews
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre': Corporatization of Theatre.
Ak's Various Thoughts: The First Quarter.

Great Stuff:
Up & Coming : Complete Schedule of what to watch in May

Theatre Comics
: Shop Elves!

Curtain Call : Shelli Aderman on missing a cue.

Theatre Opportunities:
Workshop : Introduction to Chhau.

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Himanshu Sitlani