The Script, October 2014 - Edition 10

Dear Theatrewallah's 

This October is one of the rarest in Bombay’s Theatre History. You can count the number of shows on your hand. Part of it due to the Prithvi Theatre being closed for renovation. But mainly due to theatre groups being in rehearsal for the upcoming Theatre Festival seasons of November and December. But just as Bombay groups go into hibernation, our city is invaded by out-of-town troupes mainly with the 9 exciting performances coming to Tata Literature Live! from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November. And this year the fest is at both the NCPA and Prithvi. Go Literature!! There are also exciting foreign shows as part of the Going Solo Festival (Oct 20th and 21st).

 Sunil Shanbag deals with the closure of Prithvi by opening up another new venue with his  'Marriage – Ology’ at Khar – F2 Fitness. 

On the QTP front, we are facing our busiest few weeks.

The Thespo 16 Screening Panel is at present travelling around the country to ten cities to watch the 183 plays from 3 countries that have registered for the festival. Returning to Thespo this year is Brit company Clerke & Joy, and they begin work this month on their new show for the festival called Falls 2-11.  

Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest is just round the corner managing the 100 visiting authors who are participating in 50 sessions at numerous venues across the city, means that sleep has now become a premium. To know more check out

We are also stage managing Maya The Musical, a brilliant Broadway style musical that opens on the 31st of October. A project lead by Teach For India and New York's A-step. We've heard the music, and promise it's going to be quite special. More details on Facebook:

QTP Events:
Thespo 16
Screening Panel is touring!!! And be a 'Friend of Thespo'!

Point of View: Aishwarya Mahesh reviews
'Emotional Creature'
4 Corners: Himanshu Sitlani shares his Toronto Play Watching. 
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre': Building Lavatories.
Q's Countdown: 10 Things to look out for at Literature Live!

Great Stuff:
Trivia Time: Parterre (Theatre Audience) (Part 2)
Up & Coming : Complete Schedule of what to watch in October.

Theatre News
: All the details on 'Maya The Musical'

Curtain Call :
Boucicault on being the part.

Theatre Opportunities:

Casting and Hiring : Theatre Professionals is Hiring.
Workshop : Solo Acts 2 Workshop and Parados to Stage Weekday Workshop.

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