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Adishakti announces another set of workshops this year to meet the  growing demand for them from young actors, dancers and other performing professionals. In addition to our usual beginner’s workshop  we hope to introduce an advanced workshop for those who have already done the basics with us.

The workshops have proved to be increasingly relevant to dancers as  well, because of our emphasis on physical culture, Kalaripayattu, swimming and the activation of body centers and the harnessing of  their energies. Additionally there are lessons in rhythm ,and over and above all this, the most important contribution that Adishalti can make to dancers is the use of breath for the generation of the eight
  Bhavas, which we have researched and developed from the Koodiyattam  practice.

From 21st October
2011 to 30th October 2011.
The fee for these courses is Rs 18,000/- per head and
includes the fee, board, lodging, laundry expenses.

From 15th November 2011 to 30th November 2011, we will host the  advanced workshop for fifteen days. The fee for this course is Rs.25,000 per head. This workshop will revolve around the application of

the craft imbibed in the beginners workshop and will revolve around selected performance pieces. These performance pieces will be sent to you in advance.

By 2012 we hope to have created a pool of actors from both the advanced and basic workshops who might be interested in testing their skills further through a production created at Adishakti.

Payments by demand draft should be payable to ALTAR or Adishakti and posted to:

Veenapani Chawla, Adwaitam,8 Appavou Nagar, Vazhakulam, Pondicherry 605012,India

For wire transfer the details are given below:

Name of Account Holder: Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Art Research
Account Number: 05640200027975
Account Type: Current Account
Name and Address of Bank: Bank of Baroda, No 58-60  Vellala Street,
Pudhucherry 605001
MICR Code Number: 605012002

For further correspondence please write to vinaykumar at the following
email address.

Before making either wire transfer or check payment please intimate at
the following email address.
Email : adishaktiprogram@gmail.com

Rajneesh has been working in field of theatre, cinema and teaching for the past 20 years.

At present he is one of the guest faculty members at Whistling Woods International and RIRO acting studio. He has been affliated with the TIE company of National School of Drama in Delhi. He has also directed many critically acclaimed  plays and conducted workshops for various international film projects.
Rajneesh will introduce and work with the actors in the core skills of performance.
Elements of Physical training, Speech & Voice training and Text work.

Dates - 3rd Oct 2011 - 8th Oct 2011 | Time- 6pm - 10pm | Venue- P.L. Despande, Prabhadevi | Fees- 4,000/-

A new two week format designed to give participants a chance to work as actors with a director-teacher towards the creation of scenes and the making of theatre.Jairo Vergara has already conducted two Advanced Workshops with Theatre Professionals. He has practiced and researched Theatre in Denmark, Germany, Colombia, Indonesia, India, Spain and Italy, he moved to India to continue his evolution of performance practice.12 Participants will work with Jairo for two weeks examining, exploring and devising ways in which to represent and present scenes from this amazing play by Lorca. Participants will be asked to apply themselves creatively and explore and practice the application of their past experiences with performance to this project.

This is a gripping tale of an age old family feud and eternal love. This amazing rich script provides immense potential for the actor. Apart from working on the script, Jairo will introduce participants to his very specific routine of riyaaz.

Dates - 10th Oct 2011 - 22nd of Oct 2011 (not including Sunday 16th Oct) | Time-  8am to 2pm | Fees- 7,000/- | Venue- P.L. Despande, Prabhadevi
APPLY NOW!! For any questions, or to apply, email awp@theatreprofessionals.co.in or call 9321595159.