Up & Coming - Schedule of plays of April

Thursday, 7th April

Prithvi Theatre – 7 & 9:30pm: ONE ON ONE

A series of monologues / duologues about contemporary India.

Friday, 8th April
Prithvi Theatre – 7 & 9:30pm: LOVE LETTERS

A.R. Gurney’s internationally acclaimed play is a heart warming and poignant tale about two people, Andy Ladd 111 and Melissa Gardner, who write letters to each other over a period of fifty years.

Prithvi House – 8pm: NOSTOS
Not so long ago,in a land not so far away, a man was on a sea voyage.His had been a tumultuous journey lasting many years. And now he wanted to go home.But ‘home’ was still a distant dream and there were to be many a storm and temptations on his path.Tale told by toys, miniature objects and actors.Culled from Homer’s Odyssey.

Saturday, 9th April
Prithvi Theatre – 7 & 9:30pm: CHAOS THEORY
The play tracks the lives of two college professors who experience a lifetime together without expressing their real emotions.

Sunday, 10th April
NCPA Experimental – 5 & 7pm: ABHI NAA JAO CHHOD KAR
When Sweety, an aspiring actress, screws up an audition, she thinks all is lost. But she meets Vipul, a producer, who is kind, considerate and affectionate, if only temporarily. Vipul escorts her home, stays a while, but when he wants to leave, he finds the door is locked and his host is actually holding him hostage. She says she is crazy about him. But is she? Or is she just plain crazy?

Sophia College Auditorium – 7:30pm: BADE MIYAN DEEWANE
The play is essentially about a rich eccentric octogenarian who is used to living a luxurious and flamboyant life and is swept off his feet by a beautiful young girl in his neighborhood, who incidentally is also the love interest of his son.

Tata Theatre – 7:30pm: BROKEN IMAGES
This psychological thriller shows how fame and celebrity can be bestowed – and snatched away – with equal alacrity.

Prithvi House – 8pm: NOSTOS
Written and Directed by Choiti Ghosh.

Prithvi Theatre – 7 & 9:30pm: PUNE HIGHWAY

Three young men are holed up in a seedy hotel room just off the Bombay-Pune highway. They are scared, they are tired, and they are on the run. They have just witnessed the killing of a fourth friend, murdered while they were on their way for a holiday to Lonavala. A brutal exposition of how friendships survive or don’t in extreme circumstances.

Thursday, 14th April
Prithvi Theatre – 9pm: BOLLYWOOD KA SALAAM 1950 KE NAAME
An Ekjute Theatre Presentation.

Friday, 15th April
Prithvi Theatre – 6pm: SACH, JHUTA, NAMAK

The play is based on three short stories of eminent Urdu writer Razia Sajjad Zaheer.

Prithvi Theatre – 9:30pm: JI JAISI AAPKI MARZI
This play consists of 4 monologues, played by 4 different women representing the typical relationships that a woman is known through in our society, namely, mother, daughter, sister ,wife etc.

Saturday, 16th April
Prithvi Theatre – 3 & 6pm: YAAR BANNA BUDDY
What happens when one out of the three best friends suddenly starts behaving in a strange manner forgetting his roots and background.

What happens when one out of the three best friends suddenly starts behaving in a strange manner forgetting his roots and background.

Prithvi Theatre – 9:30pm: FOOTNOTES OF LIFE
A play based mainly on randomly picked excerpts from our life that speak volumes about the unsaid emotions relevant to any relationship, be it a personal relation or just a chance meeting with any stranger.

Sunday, 17th April
Prithvi Theatre – 11am: JUNGLE DHOOM DOT COM

In a jungle called Hariyala, Nanhi Koyal, abandoned in a crow’s nest is brought up by Kagi and named Sargam. A singing competition is to be held at King Baaz Bahadur’s court. Kagi encourages Sargam against all odds to participate and overcome all hurdles.

Prithvi Theatre – 3 & 6pm: GORKY + TINKU KE KARNAME
Written and Directed by Aarya Babbar.

NCPA Experimental Theatre – 7pm: GOOD MORNING MISS KATYA
Written and Directed by Delna Mody. Directed by Sam Kerawalla.

Prithvi Theatre – 9:30pm: SANDHYA CHHAYA
An Ekjute Presentation.

Tuesday, 19th April
Prithvi Theatre – 6 & 9pm: DAYASHANKAR KI DIARY
Performed by Ashish Vidhyarthi.

Wednesday, 20th April
Prithvi Theatre – 6pm: YUMRAJ JI, KUCH KARIYE!!!

A stylized play based on Natyadharmi Shaili an ancient classical art form.

Prithvi Theatre – 9:30pm: HUM KAHEIN AAP SUNEY
A play based on Daastaan Goi.Daastaan Goi literally means storytelling.

Thursday, 21st April
Prithvi Theatre – 6pm: OPERATION CLOUDBURST

After blasting the ammunition depot of the ULFA, six tired and wounded soldiers find themselves lost in the deep jungles of the Assam.It is here that these Army men momentarily transform into emotional human beings – relating their thoughts, confusions and life dilemmas to each other.

Prithvi Theatre – 9:30pm: COURT MARTIAL
The play crosses the barriers of country & time to symbolize the war between justice, and injustice that is rampant all over the world.

Friday, 22nd April
Prithvi Theatre – 6 & 9:30pm: BEGUM JAAN

play revolves around three main characters, an extremely famous classical singer of yesteryears regarded as a living legend Begum Jaan, her grand daughter Zarina and a journalist Sanjay Pande.

Saturday, 23rd April
Prithvi Theatre – 3 & 6pm: DAUDAA DAUDAA BHAAGA BHAAGA

satire, based on today’s materialistic and commercial rat race and how a simpleton is forced to be a part of it.

NCPA Experimental Theatre – 7pm: RAFTA RAFTA
The wedding feast is over and his father's dancing the bhangra, but the groom himself is busy on the net, and when it's time for bed, he's so woefully inhibited by the proximity of his parents, let alone his brother's childish pranks, that his beautiful virgin bride remains just that. Six weeks later, the whole family starts to panic.

Tata Theatre – 7pm: KUCH BHI HO SAKTA HAI
A few selected incidents from Anupam Kher’s life have been strung together as a journey of a man, who shares his pain, joy, tears and laughter, with honesty and rare candour.

Prithvi Theatre – 9:30pm: MUNSHIJI KI GUDGUDIYAN 2
An Ekjute Presentation.

Sunday, 24th April
Prithvi Theatre – 6 & 9pm: BOLLYWOOD KA SALAAM 1950 KE NAAM

This mega musical is her way of telling a tale which is not alien to the audience and in fact is a walk down memory lane for those who’ve grown up watching films of that era.

Monday, 25th April
18 Anukool – 7:30pm: GREAT TEXT READING

An informal reading of George Bernard Shaw's Candida. All are welcome.

Tuesday, 26th April

Prithvi Theatre – 9pm: PRASHNA PANCHALI
An Ank Presentation

Wednesday, 27th April

Prithvi Theatre – 9pm: JIS LAHORE NAHIN DEKHYA

The story, set in 1947, is about an old Hindu woman in Lahore who, robbed of her son and family as a result of the riots at Partition refuses to be robbed of her home by a Muslim refugee family from Lucknow.

Thursday, 28th April

Prithvi Theatre – 9pm: RANG BAJRANG

A story of draught-stricken times when the draught is also a metaphor for the loss of trust and hope in life.

Friday, 29th April
Prithvi Theatre – 9pm: RANG BAJRANG

Preeta Mathur, Aman Gupta, Pawan Chopra, S P Chauhan, S C Makhija, Rohan Shroff, Akshay Sharma and Ashish Salim

Saturday, 30th April
Prithvi Theatre – 11am & 4pm: KABULIWALA

A trader from Kabul comes to Hindusthan to earn some money because his daughter is unwell. While trying to sell his wares on the streets of Hindusthan, he befriends a little girl called Mini. Though Mini's parents are a little apprehensive of their daughter's friendship with the kabuliwala, the two become very close.

Horniman Circle Garden – 8pm: A SPECIAL BOND PART 2
The exciting sequel filled with Ruskin Bond’s stories returns to Summertime in its 4th year!

Prithvi Theatre – 9pm: TAJMAHAL KA TENDER
play explores the possibility of Shahjahan coming alive and giving orders to construct the Taj Mahal in today's day and age.