Thespo at Prithvi

Thespo at Prithvi was started in 2007 to provide a more regular showcasing of the best youth theatre talent in the country. Thus every first Tuesday and Wednesday each month, the next generation of theatre wallahs stride across the hallowed Prithvi stage.

Thespo at Prithvi is also providing an opportunity for young theatre groups to showcase their short plays, as a pre show appetizer before the main show on each Thespo at Prithvi show day.

If you have a play that you think can work in the outdoor areas of Prithvi Theatre, email us at

Thespo at Prithvi in February 2010 saw the debut of Jester Production's 'Equus'.

The show performed to 2 full houses. Both shows were packed hours in advance and many were queing up for more tickets. Everyone applauded the design and the performances. We would like to thank everyone who came for the show.

Back by popular demand!!

Jester Productions presents

Written by Peter Shaffer.
Directed by Daniel D'Souza

Tue, 2nd March and Wed, 3rd March at 9pm

The play tells the story of a psychiatrist, who attempts to treat a young man who has a pathological, religious and sexual fascination with horses. In the process, he is forced to take a look at this own life and his duty to society as a psychiatrist.

With Eamonn Ennis, Daniel Dsouza, Nakul Jayadevan, Rebecca Spurgeon, Vikrant Dhote, Mansi Multani, Jason Menezes, Gautmik and Nishtha Bhargava.

Tickets now Available. Call 26149546 or