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The following is a list of shows you should watch out for this month. The code to it's deciphering is as follows:
in blue are QTP events
Those with an (R) next to them means that we have reviewed it, and if you require a review simply email us at qtheatreproductions@gmail.com asking for it.
Those with an (PP) next to them means that it is a platform performance, entry free!

Date, Day Time & Venue Play Notes
1, Thu
9pm, Prithvi S*x, M*orality and Cens*rship Set in a furore that was caused by the staging of Sakharam Binder in the 70s.
2, Fri
4 & 7:30pm, Prithvi S*x, M*orality and Cens*rship Directed by Sunil Shanbag.
3, Sat
7pm Nehru Centre Madan Bhol A Marathi version of Girish Karnad's Flowers
6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi S*x, M*orality and Cens*rship Developed by Shanta Gokhale and Irawati Karnik
4, Sun
7pm, Nehru Centre Layla Majnun Structured like a Greek tragedy, this is an Urdu retelling of the famous love story.
4 & 7:30pm, Prithvi S*x, M*orality and Cens*rship With Nagesh Bhonsle, Gitanjali Kulkarni, Shubhrojyoti Barat, Ketaki Thatte , Rajashree Wad, Hridaynath Jadhav,
Umesh Jagtap, Gulshan Devaiah, Puja Swaroop.
7:45pm, Sophia Auditorium What Women Want Hindi Adaptation of 'All About Women'.
5, Mon
7pm, Nehru Centre Ismat Aapa Ke Naam II Directed by Naseeruddin Shah, the latest in the short story series.
6, Tue 7pm, Nehru Centre Brief Candle Mahesh Dattani's new play about inmates of a cancer hospital.
6 & 9pm, Prithvi Baby Vijay Tendulkar's hard hitting classic about a girl who is made to behave like a dog. Winner of Outstanding Actress at Thespo 8 in 2006.
7, Wed
7pm, Nehru Centre Ayussinte Pusthakam Explores the ideas of family, priesthood, sex and marriage.
6 & 9pm, Prithvi Dalan A hilarious comedy about a newly transferred tyrannical school master having to reckon with a lively bunch of school children.

Winner of Outstanding Actor, Outstanding Supporting Actor and Outstanding Play at Thespo 10 in 2008.

8, Thu
7pm, Nehru Centre Chanakya Manoj Joshi's retelling about the life of the scheming Chanakya.
9pm, Prithvi Baap Re Baap & Gaj Foot Inch Two humorous short plays - Baap Re Baap is a comedy of errors, where as Gaj Foot Inch deal with a deeper emotions of an adolescent boy on the threshold of adulthood.
9, Fri
7pm, Nehru Centre Kirat Pawa An exploration of the exploitation of the "untouchables" via the Mahabharata.
9pm, Prithvi Baap Re Baap & Gaj Foot Inch Written by K.P.Saxena. Directed by Om Katare.
10, Sat 2pm, Nehru Centre Mahanirvan A dark comedy about how a society comes to terms with death.
7pm, Nehru Centre Hum Suffer An erstwhile couple reunite after many years.
6 & 9pm, Prithvi Chinta Chhod Chintamani The story of a family where the father thinks his progenies are standing at the threshold of total ruination.
11, Sun
2pm, Nehru Centre Einstein: Sapekshta Sangnara The conflicts of Einstein when his theory was used to make the atom bomb.
7pm, Nehru Centre Ajintha The love story between Major Robert Gill & Paro.
6 & 9pm, Prithvi Chanakya The greatest statesman, a political strategist and the one who created a nation out of squabbling kingdoms.
6:30pm, Tata Theatre Salesman Ramlal With Satish Kaushik, Seema Biswas, Kishore Kadam and others
12, Mon 7pm, Nehru Centre Hum Kahein Aap Suney Directed by Nadira Zaheer Babbar.
13, Tue 7pm, Nehru Centre Wahan Paye Dariya Questions the meaning of love in a brutally realistic society.
9pm Khatijabai of Karmali Terrace Not just the story of one woman, but of all of us, trapped in lives that are not our own.
14, Wed 2pm, Nehru Centre Tengshechya Swapnat Train A man has recurring dreams about trains, is a passenger on an out of control train.
7pm, Nehru Centre Madhyabartini Using Kamrupiya Dhuliya & other Assamese folk traditions they tell a very modern story.
9pm, Prithvi Khatijabai of Karmali Terrace A One Woman Performance by Jayati Bhatia.
Directed by Q.
15, Thu 9pm, Prithvi Some Girl(s) A young man is about to get hitched. And yet, he panics. He begins calling up ex-girlfriends to bring some closure to old relationships perhaps in search of the perfect woman.
16, Fri
9pm, Prithvi Some Girl(s)

An accurate, humorous look at the typical, somewhat lost young man of today.

Written by Neil LaBute.
Directed by Nadir Khan.

17, Sat 7 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Some Girl(s) With Mukul Chaddha , Shivani Tanksale , Juhi Pande, Radhika Mittal & Tarana Raja Kapoor.
18, Sun 7 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Some Girl(s) A man, on the verge of getting married, sets off on a journey across India to meet his ex-girlfriends as a sort of penance.
20, Tue
9pm, Prithvi Hum Kahein Aap Suney An Ekjute Presentation.
21, Wed
9pm, Prithvi Footnotes of Life A play based mainly on randomly picked excerpts from our life that speak volumes about the unsaid emotions relevant to any relationship
22, Thu
9pm, Prithvi Yamraaj Ji Kuch Kariye

A stylized play based on Natyadharmi Shaili.

23, Fri 9pm, Prithvi Yamraaj Ji Kuch Kariye With Hanif Patni, Darpan Mishra, Ankur Parekh, Abhishek Narayan, Vijay Singh, Sangam Shukla and others.
24, Sat 11am Saat Teri Ekvees 7 monologues which unfolds subjects like surrogate mother, Laxman’s wife Urmila, human clone, an uncommon story of a common man and others.
7pm, Prithvi The Vagina Monologues Eve Ensler’s Obie award winning play.
9pm, Prithvi Kissa Yoni Ka Hindi version of The Vagina Monologues
7pm, NCPA Exp. 1-888-Dial-India Written and Directed by Anuvab Pal.
7pm, Sathaye College Auditorium* Ek Rikaami Baaju The story revolves around a young woman who has been diagnosed with cancer and how deals with it.
25, Sun 11am, Prithvi Chha Chauku Chavees A Manhar Ghadia Presentation.
7 & 9pm, Prithvi The Vagina Monologues A Poor Box Presentation.
6:30pm, NCPA Experimental All About Women

Written by Miro Gavran. Directed by Hidaayat Sami

7pm, Sathaye College Auditorium* Ek Rikaami Baaju Directed by Anurima Khutwad.
26, Mon 7:30pm, 18 Anukool Great Text Reading An informal reading of The Dispute by Marivaux. All are welcome.
27, Tue 8:30pm, Prithvi Art A comedy about a man who buys a modern painting.
28, Wed 8:30pm, Prithvi Lift Kara De A comedy about a seduction gone all wrong.
29, Thu 7 & 9pm, Prithvi Kissa Yoni Ka With Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, Dolly Thakore, Varshaa Agnihotri, Russika Duggal and Dilnaz Irani
30, Fri 7 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Shirley Valentine A women who, when she finds her family life in total disarray, decides to run away to Greece to find herself.
31, Sat
7 & 9pm, Prithvi The Vagina Monologues This play was written after interviewing 200 women from all over the world.

* Sathaye College Auditorium - Dixit Road, Vile Parle (e)

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