THESPO 11 - Stage a play and much more!!

The first baby steps to the curation of Thespo 11 has begun. Himanshu Sitlani and Amruta Sant have embarked on the Thespo Screening pilgrimage to scour the country for the best plays that India's youth has to offer. Their travels will take them to Pune, Bangalore, Kodaikanal, Bombay, Kanpur, Delhi and even Pilani. By the time we feature in the next edition of The Script, the plays that will perform at Thespo 11 would have been decided. All those who are trying out, all the best.

To those who missed out, you can still be part of Thespo 11. You can get involved in any of the following activities:

PLATFORM PERFORMANCES Perform short pieces of around 20mins.

Learn how to make a documentary on any aspect of theatre.

Design posters for the short listed plays of Thespo 11.

WORKSHOPS On different disciplines of theatre. Conducted by the best in the field. Both during the festival and in the lead up.

LIVE BANDS Bands will be given an opportunity to perform a half hour acoustic set. Performances in any genre - rock, jazz, fusion, Indian classical, etc. are welcome.

MAGAZINE Contribute to the festival mouthpiece with an interesting story or feature about the theatre.

TEAM THESPO Get involved in event management, marketing & PR, promotions, graphic design, etc.

For further details, call: 26392688 / 9819024757 Or Email: