The first half of April is very busy with plays for grown-ups, considering that the latter half kicks off the summertime plays for children and young adults. 
QTP's latest offering - Every Brilliant Thing (directed by Q and performed by Vivek Madan)  which opened to an overwhelming response, has two more shows at The Cuckoo Club on April 6th (Saturday), 5 and 7:30pm. Also, at The Cuckoo Club on 7th April (Sunday), we will have two shows of Arghya Lahiri's Wildtrack at 5 and 7:30pm.
We are excited to share that after a solid three years, we are resurrecting A Peasant of El Salvador. In fact, we will be embarking on a small pan-India tour, starting with a show at 7:45pm on April 6th (Saturday) at St. Stanislaus School Hall, above St. Peter's Church, Bandra. The entry is free, passes will be available at the venue.

At the start of April, Thespo at Prithvi sees a return of: Trikon Ka Chautha Kon (Tuesday, 2nd April, 5pm & 9pm) and Bhanvar (Wednesday, 3rd April, 7pm & 9pm).

There are three new plays at Prithvi this month. Indian Ensemble's Algorithms, a play that opened last week in Bangalore, on 4th (7pm) and 5th (7 and 9:30pm) April. Written and directed by Chanakya Vyas, it's a theatrical performance inspired from the life stories of migrant cab drivers that seem to drive a large part of the population in urban cities. Theatre Jil Jil Ramamani's Those Left Behind Things, written & directed by Vikram Phukan, on 10th April at 9pm. The play follows the journey of Iranian asylum-seekers as they exchange one set of circumstances for another, from the dark alleys of Tehran to the neon-lit pier at Brighton, life comes full circle.  The Company Theatre's Whirpool, has its Mumbai premiering shows on 14th April at 6 and 9pm. The play has been conceived, written & directed by John Britton, it imagines the world of George Orwell in the times of surveillance.

Another new production directed by Glenn Hayden, Sheila Duncan's A Solitary Choice is Chakravyu Arts' inaugural ensemble production. It will have shows at G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture on the following dates: 12th April at 8pm, 21st April at 4pm and 27th April at 8pm. 

9 Parts Of Desire will be at the Royal Opera House Theatre on 7th Arpil at 7:30pm. This acclaimed play directed by Lilette Dubey, talks the lives of nine Iraqi women that span the decades between the first and second Gulf wars and the occupation. The devised piece by Patchwork Ensemble- The Gentlemen's Club will be at G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture on 10th April at 8:30pm. It's set in the thriving underground club scene in Mumbai, this show follows the lives of various drag kings who perform in the city. You can also catch the Hindu Playwriting Award winning play In Search of Dariya Sagar, written by Akshat Nigam and Gerish Khemani at Mumbai Assembly on 6th (4 & 8pm) & 7th (4 & 8pm) April. A Sindhi tour guide sets out on a journey, looking for something that takes him back into the past. A gujarati comedy, Utopia Communications' Mara Asatya Na Prayogo, will be at Prithvi Theatre on 9th April at 9pm.

And then we have the long running plays back!
Poor Box Productions' The Vagina Monologues returns to suburbs after a long time at Prithvi Theatre with 7 shows in one weekend! The legendary production completes 17 years of shows with its evergreen cast and a few special guests, with shows in English - 6th April (5, 7 & 9pm) & 7th April (3, 5, & 7pm) and one show in Hindi- 7th April at 9pm. Prithvi Theatre will also see the return of The Company Theatre's evergreen Piya Behrupiya on 13th April at 6 and 9pm, it's an adaption of a Shakespearan classic, Twelfth Night.

This is not all.. 
Summertime at Prithvi starts on 16th April, there will be a variety of plays and workshops for children to start off the summer holidays. Some of which include Tamaasha's Jhoom Jhoom Jhumpa on 16th (4pm) and 17th April (12 and 4pm) along with  Akvarious  Production's new play What Planet Are You On on 27th (12 and 4pm) and 28th (12 and 4pm) April.

Anitha Balachandran's Mister Jeejeebhoy and the Birds directed by Shaili Sathyu, is a wonderful story that brings to life the wonders of our city and the world seen through the eyes of these two, rather special, young children. It will be performed at Godrej Dance Theate, NCPA on 28th April at 12pm. Starting on 29th April, Summer Fiesta at NCPA will also see some interesting workshops, performances and more.

Another exciting month with so much to watch! Don’t forget to tell us what you chose and tell us what we missed. See you in May!