In April, we staged more shows of Every Brilliant Thing through out Bombay in various venues like Cuckoo Club, Drama School Mumbai and Hall of Harmony in Nehru Centre. We've said good-bye to Vivek Madan, for a while, as he puts on his producer hat till we work on putting together more shows.

We also did shows of Wildtrack at the Cuckoo Club.

The biggest highlight of the month, in terms of plays, was the successful pan-India tour of A Peasant of El Salvador. We went had multiple shows in Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur and Delhi, the play was very well received in all he cities.

Towards the end of the month, everyone at QTP went on a company offiste. We were also joined by the Thespo Fellows for 2019-20 - Nishika, Sameer, Anushka and Shubham. We discussed plans, spoke about the year to come and played cards. All in all, a fun and productive time.

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March at QTP was Brilliant! In all aspects.

We started off the month with another season of Nadir Khan's #SingIndiaSing, which feels like scaling a mountain each time, but is equally as rewarding when all the elements come together for a fantastic evening of music, singing and theatre!

We celebrated World Theatre Day, in so many ways! Shantatai has shared a wonderfully optimistic message for all of us to take inspiration from.

On the dark Monday before (25 March) at QTP we celebrated with an open house for all our theatre friends and family. We played Theatre Taboo (patent pending) with beer and samosas and as a bonus, the evening wrapped up with a wonderful impromptu performance by Jaimini. All this fun and more voluntarily hosted by Bangalore Harlequin - Vivek Madan!

And then we celebrated it again with Rage at Tata Theatre on 27th March. Dusted off Very Experimental and brought it back on stage after 15 years. Kunaal Roy Kapur and Zafar Karachiwala held us captive with their effortless chemistry and comic timing. And Spriha, Rachit, Ninad and Sanjay orchestrated the four hour show backstage with their effortless efficiency and enthusiasm.

Finally - we opened a new play - Every Brilliant Thing! Vivek Madan bravely puts himself out there in every performance as he shares this beautiful story of a little boy trying to deal with his mother's depression, armed with a list of things worth living for. The responses we have been getting have been truly overwhelming. Mental health issues amongst those we encounter, and their loved ones, are more prevalent than we imagined. And yet, the dialogue is surprisingly sparse. Every run of shows, our collaborator Meera Damji curates and moderates a post show discussion with mental health practitioners. Meera hosts a radio show on everyday mental health and hygiene on 104.8 Ishq.

Wildtrack saw a return to the Prithvi stage and it is heartening to see audiences engaging with themes of aging and dementia and mental health.

April has a whole bunch of exciting stuff lined up. More shows of Every Brilliant Thing and Wildtrack. The new season of Great Texts. The highlight is the return of A Peasant of El Salvador. Unfortunately, the socio-economic condition in India today is closer to the one in El Salvador just before their civil war broke out. The farmers' plight, the land reforms, the oligarchies in the making, the chasm between the have and the have-nots - all need to be considered seriously with elections round the corner.

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