Well, since the entire world is ‘almost’ in a lockdown or confined to their houses for quite some time, here are some links to keep you busy and entertained for the next couple of weeks (other than Netflix):

Want to catch up on some reading?

>> has a collection of classic scripts

>> - Hindi


>> Asterix - All books, Calvin & Hobbes - All strips, Craig Thompson - All books, Dilbert - 1994 to 2002, Garfield - 1978 to 2008 Guy Delisle - 2 books, Joe Sacco - All books, Sarah Andersen - 2 books, Tintin - All books

>> the library on this page

>> Theatre Resources for Isolation:

>> Walking Stories – Visit Isles of Italy -

>> Hindi Film Scripts (Some scripts are free)

>> Also check out:
Hakara Journal
Drew’s Script-o-rama
Website of Manu Dash
Manav Kaul’s scripts uploaded free online
QTPies around the world doing something wonderful:

>> Check out Matthew Sharp's Facebook page to go on a musical journey like never before.

>> Daniel Bye's performance - Going Viral, befitting the times we are living in. 

>> “Theatre On-Call” a festival of performances that occur over the phone, a way to 
keep staying connected during these uncertain times. Daniele keeps surprising us!

>> Ministry of Mundane Mysteries.
Sebastien ensuring to not make this lockdown mundane! Book a personalised, weeklong subscription to this auditory adventure for yourself or a loved one.

Some workshops to hone you skills:

>> Asif Ali Beg bring to you a 7 day workshop to work on voice and speech and you don't want to miss this opportunity! 

>> Hetal Varia is doing an Instagram Live session on everything you want to know about voice and it's application!

Want to watch a play online?
>> Akvarious Productions have started uploading their plays online and we can't be more excited:
Bombay Dyeing:
Miss Cuckoo:

Keep following their Facebook page to stay updated with more plays as and when they drop it!

>> National Theatre is streaming plays for free, every Thursday!
>> Shakespeare's Globe is going to stream 6 productions for free starting 6 April, every second week! More information:

>> Rent a play online for 48 hours!
>> Broadway shows for free online!!! Yay!
Theatre with children:
>> Keep Calm & Get Creative
There are many online resources available to engage children while they need to be indoors for the next few weeks. However, that also means more than the usual screen time.
ThinkArts has come up with a blog to encourage children to channel their creativity away from the screen. The blog will comprise writing and artwork sent by our young friends, in response to an image or a writing prompt. There will be a new prompt every day for different age groups and the responses will be posted online.
EVERY entry will be posted.
All you need to do is sign up on and send us scanned entries of your original creations!
>> Resonances are really excited to start an online program with activities for parents to do with their young children at home!
The activities will be posted in 'Facebook Groups' based on the age of the child (1.5 - 6 yrs), keeping in mind their readiness levels.
Join the group that's right for you! (It’s free!)
Keen to learn a new skill?
>> ETC is providing a range of free courses to build on your lighting skills:
>> Learn about Meyerhold’s form of physical theatre, biomechanics, and understand and perform ‘The Slap’.
>> Improve your chances of raising funds for arts and culture by developing your leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

(If we have missed something, or you would like us to add your event or activity, please write to us at


Theatre for Reading: the Goshtaranga movement
Sunday, 12th May at 5pm at Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Byculla. RSVP here.
Geetanjali Kulkarni will share with the story of Goshtaranga - how the effort started, how the theatre-loving culture of Maharashtra is being harnessed to scale up the impact of the programme, and how pedagogy meets theatre as actors, directors, and educators work together to make children fall in love with books and reading.



7 Days Intensive acting workshop with Tim Supple
Venue: Arts in Motion, Khar West
Date: 20th May to 26th May
Timings: 9am to 2pm, except on 25th it will be 12pm to 5pm
To apply, click here:
Limited seats available, last day to apply: 15th May
For more info, contact: Sanjay ( +91 9742393803)  
The workshop dives into the most fundamental elements of the actors’ art: storytelling, embodiment of character, and communication with audience.

One & half months of production oriented acting workshop for beginners. The workshop faculty includes Maneesh Verma, Anamik Haksar, Asif Ali Beg, Naveen Kaushik, Kalyani Hiwale, Bijesh Jayarajan.
Date: 2nd June to 14th July, 5 days a week
Timings: 6pm to 10pm
Apply Online:
For more info, contact: or call 8828115798, 7715915798‬

>> There is wonderful news about licensing for background music in theatrical productions from Phonographic Performance Ltd. 
Fees: Up to 5 min of Performance, Rs 200 per performance. For every additional 5 min or part of performance, Rs 100 per performance.
When recording is involved, the applicant must also obtain the prior written permission of the record companies concerned. The above tariff is for Background Music only. A Background Licence is not valid for any Event (eg. Shows, promotions, product launches, fashion shows, DJ parties, New Year Events etc. ). For all events/ shows organised in the said category a separate Event License has to be obtained. Separate Licence to be obtained for Public Performance for music on demand. For temporary embodiment / storage a separate Licence is required.

Their website has been acting up a little bit, but you should be able to apply for licenses online. 

>> Radio Plays
If there are playwrights interested in converting their work into audio drama podcasts, please advise them to get in touch with Ranjan Kamath at They are physically in Bangalore, but recordings can happen out of Mumbai and elsewhere in the country too. Furthermore, they would like to record audio stories and dramas in all of India's recognised languages so, if you know playwrights, performers, etc., please ask them to connect with him at In particular, they are looking to reconnect with all the veteran AIR radio drama artistes who are hiding in the woodwork all over the country. If any of you can advise him in any way to find this talent and allow them their days in the sun once more, that would be a job well done!

>> Raell Padamsee's ACE has open AUDITIONS for their upcoming mega production - MY FAIR LADYSo if you can Sing, Dance and Act and are between the ages of 16 to 60 years, hurry and contact Pearl on +91 9773533332 

>> Collective Madness announces AUDITIONS for a fun English Musical Trilogy about technology, boredom & imagination. The play opens at the end of May at Prithvi@Summertime. Directed by Kalyani Hiwale. Script by Asif Ali Beg. Auditions will take place on 12th & 13th April between 10:00am-2:00am. If you love bringing joy to children as a performer, email your resume: and for more info contact on Vishal 09818035041.

>> MUMBAI LOCAL by JUNOON: Men Performing Women: Bin Baykancha Tamasha
Sunday, 7th Apr at 5pm at Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, BycullaBishaka Dutta will be in conversation with Anil Hankare and Anand Satam and is bound to open up doors and windows into a fascinating world of gender and performance. RSVP here

>> ‘Whose Play Is It Anyway?’ at Harkat Studios, Aaram Nagar
This won’t be only an exchange of thoughts, but real information on current laws and regulations as well as workshops for theatre-makers and knowledge-sharing seminars across the arts. 26 (Saturday) & 27 (Sunday) April - More details coming soon, but pencil these dates into your diaries as we would love to have as many theatre people there as possible!


21st April till 1st May
Age group: 4 to 16 years
To know more and register: go to Prithvi website and click on PTnotes, you will find details. At the Prithvi box office, forms are available from 10am to 7pm.

Acting Workshop with Kalliroi Tzafieta (Aaram Nagar, Versova) April 27th- May 2nd
The focus will be towards understanding character, and accessing it through the text and the body. For more information and registration: 

29th April to 22nd May
Age group: 3 to 19 years 
The workshops at the festival show a wide array of different skills, from acting, public speaking, and photography to writing. To know more and register:

Raell Padamsee’s ACE Productions 
Speech & Drama, Musical Theatre and Movement.
Age group: 2.5 to 7 years and 7-13 years
There are a whole range of workshops being organised across the city. To know more and register: