What happens when the lights go off in the middle of a show? Or beautiful beads on custommade costumes come apart and hurt the feet of the performers? Quasar talks about devoted designers and the generousity of audiences.

In Theatre, The Show Must Go On

A Dearth of Designers

Quasar looks at the process of auditions after conducting an extensive on himself, and talks about a phenomenon growing more popular by the day - theatre without the fourth wall.

Auditions: Thing that all actors crave, yet dread

    Shattering the fourth wall

This month, Quasar addresses the shift from the text to movement-based theatre, the ownership directors take of the actors and talks about an evening watching Gandhi: The Musical.

A Visual Shift

Do Actors Belong To A Specific Director?

Gandhi: Still Rocking It!

"Theatre has always been caught between two stools: is it a comment on society or is it entertainment? If the play is more of the former, then it is considered ‘art’ and if it is more of the latter then it is ‘commercial’. In recent times you throw in elements like aesthetic and form, and the mixture gets even more complicated."
This month, Quasar looks at a show he watched, that's possibly not theatre, but shouldn't be called just a 'stand up show'.


The Brotherhood hangover just refuses to die out! If you missed out on the hip-hop mania (or witnessed it and are experiencing the same kind of withdrawal symptoms that we are), check out Quasar's article about the art form in his Asian Age column in February.

Hopped up on hip-hop

This month Quasar looks at the theatre (festival) of the millennials, the return of musicals in the city and this tricky art of collaboration.

Future Of Theatre Is In The Hands Of The Young

Revival Of Music Plays In Mumbai

Curious Case of Collaborations

Starting this month, we will feature Quasar’s regular column for the Asian Age newspaper about all things theatre.

Should all art be free? Do non-ticketed performances provide access or simply devalue the work? The many conundrums about  pricing.

Quasar stalks Sir Ian Magneto Gandalf.