April 2019

Dear Readers,

Welcome to The Script! We still have a lot of the old and and very exciting new bits as well. Hope you enjoy exploring and reading everything on offer here. Suggestions and contributions are most welcome!

This year, we are very excited to share with you Shanta Gokhale's World Theatre Day message. As always, her insight and optimism inspire us to discover new avataars of theatre and create honest work. We have also included the World Theatre Day International Message by Cuban theatre director and educator - Carlos Celdrán - who has shared a completely fresh take on the geography of theatre. 

The most heartfelt Congratulations to the nine women legends of theatre who were felicitated at Rage Productions' Drama Dhamaal on World Theatre Day. A big round of applause to Dolly Thakore, Nadira Zaheer Babbar, Rohini Hattangadi, Ruby Patel, Sabira Merchant, Sarita Joshi, Shanta Gokhale, Sulabha Arya and Dr. Vijaya Mehta. And a shout out to Paresh Daru, Aloo Hirjee, Krishna Waradkar, Ayaz Ansari and Florence Hallegua.

We have a new column starting this month - QWERTY Types - where we get an insight into the minds of contemporary playwrights. The first season features Akash Mohimen as he explores the concept of 'truth' in theatre. Daniel Bye, a fellow theatre maker from the UK and long time friend of QTP, talks about the challenges of austerity and makes a very generous offer at the same time, in 4 Corners

In this month's issue we have the regular recommendations for the theatre-goer in Up & Coming and some exciting news, workshops, talks, audition announcements for the theatre-makers in News & Opportunities. Tons of workshops and shows for children and young adults this month as summertime begins. New productions looking for actors, new shows premiering, and long running shows still playing to packed houses... every week seems promising. As is tradition, on the last Monday of April as part of Great Texts Reading we will read G P Deshpande's Past One O' Clock which kicks off the season of Political Theatre. 

Catch up on all things happening at QTP and Thespo with our monthly updates. And scroll below to smile at the lighter side of theatre. 

Do let us know how you enjoyed this issue. What interests you, what you would like to read and know more about. 

Happy Reading.