June 2017

This month we start working on our new production - Bertolt Brecht's Mother Courage and Her Children. And we thought it would be appropriate to find our inspiration from his words.

None will improve your lot, if you yourself do not. BB

In light of the fact that June 5th is World Environment Day, these words really resonated with us. It is not only up to the Paris Accord or governments or Green Peace to make a difference. Every individual is responsible for the impact they make on the climate. As well as our immediate environment. Our present actions will become the legacy of the future. The past and the future are inextricably linked. It reminds me of the Australian play When The Rain Stops Falling which opens to the sound of falling rain in the desert regions of Alice Springs in Australia in 2039, and a fish falls from the sky! While the play moves back and forth in time from 1959 - 2039 and the dominant themes are family, betrayal, forgiveness and secret legacies, one cannot escape the sense of doom that the future holds in store. Despite all the science and technology, the future of our planet is unpredictable and human stories are timeless. We are defined by what came before us and are soon to be the shadow of the future. Without being preachy, this amazingly powerful production got each and everyone in the audience to sit up and take stock of the way we live our lives.

It has been a summer full of wonderful shows opening and most memorable ones like Kyun Kyun Ladki closing down. Aadyam is going strong in its third edition and if you missed Gajab Kahani, you can read all about it in Kalpak's Point of View. London is calling and full of theatre in a two part series by Bhagi R in 4 Corners We will miss Dolly Thakore and Akarsh Khurana this month. Hopefully, the wonderful opportunities lined up for viewers and workers should make up for some of it. And there are, of course, updates from QTP and Thespo to find out what we have been upto. The April/May issue of the Thespo Ink is also online now - do check it out. And of course, do not miss out on the last two shows of Blank at Prithvi.

Happy Reading!