March 2016

Welcome back. Again. Hopefully, we will return to our former glory of being a monthly e-newsletter with Kalpak joining the ranks to ensure that it happens.

Recently our news feeds, our timelines, our dailies, our Whatsapp forwards and our playlists are dominated by stories of protest and dissent. Depending on who our friends are and the what we read, these nuggets reinforce our beliefs or question our choices or just downright infuriate us. In that, student revolutions are like great theatre – 'challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to’ (Willem Dafoe). This month, on World Theatre Day (i.e. 27th March), let us raise a toast to the power, the idealism and the transitory beauty of theatre.

You can also celebrate theatre this month by catching as many plays as possible! There is Shakespeare and Mahabharata and youth theatre and comedy and children’s theatre and what have you. Not to mention free events and workshops. Even our features are dominated by Shakespeare – reviews of Hamlet and Juliet Aur Uska Romeo. Akarsh Khurana and Dolly Aunty open a window to their world, and there is always space for some theatre humour if you scroll down all the way on this blog.

Hope you enjoy the read! Do share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

Thank you.