The Script - Edition 3, March 2014

Hello Theatre Lovers!

March 2014 is truly the Rangon ka tyauhar; and not because of Holi but because the Rang Manch is bursting with plenty of exciting shows. META kicks off in Delhi. In Bombay, Poor Box opens 'Emotional Creatures' to the public. Makrand Deshpande gets even more prolific with 'Dude Bhagwan Zinda Hai', the much awaited 'Nirbhaya' finally makes it's India debut, and most importantly QTP announces their 15th year in theatre. Plus 27th March is World Theatre Day, big hits like Akvarious' 'The Interview' and Ace's 'Broken Images' resurface, and sleeper hits like 'An Incident at the Border' are conquering new venues like Harmony Hall at the Nehru Centre, and The Hive in Bandra, and Girish Karnad has just published his new play - Boiled Beans on Toast!

On the QTP front, get ready to fill up your calendars. All five current  QTP plays are showing across the city from Hughes Road to Juhu. There is also a special premiere of a new collection of shorts (aptly titled Thespo Shorts) where three ex-Thespo directors are performing a piece each, using only Thespo alumni. And of course the icing on the cake is the Great Text this month -  the one that started it all -  'The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail'.

In this edition of The Script:

QTP Events:
Great Texts: What are we going to read this month?

A Peasant of El Salvador: Shows at Temperance and Sitara Studio
Project S.T.R.I.P.
: We're back with shows at Sitara Studios and Prithvi.

Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum: The gang is back is AVN 29 and Prithvi.
Khatijabai of Karmali Terrace
: Khatija returns to perform at AVN 29 and Haute Haveli.

So Many Socks
: We return back to the Prithvi Theatre.

Point of View: Priti Bakalkar reviews 'HeLa'
4 Corners
: Adhura Onashile, the star of HeLa, shares her experience on touring the play in India.
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre'
: tells us about 'Theatre's Progress'.
Q's Countdown: 10 highlights from QTP's 15 years!

Great Stuff:
Trivia Time: 15 Years of QTP!!
Up & Coming : Complete Schedule of what to watch in March.
Theatre News
: Details on the META Awards 2014 and submitting your play for The 9th Abhinaya National Theatre Festival.

: Two Workshops by Theatre Professionals.

Links We Like
: Ten Things Theatres need to do now to save themselves.

Curtain Call
: Gail Goodwin on whats good teaching.

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On Behalf of QTP,

Himanshu Sitlani