The Script - Edition 12, December 2013

Welcome to the December issue of The Script.

Thespo 15 - India’s premiere youth theatre festival is back for its 15th annual edition. And this year the festival is bigger than ever. Events for the festival are normally limited to the week of the festival but this year activities start from early in December before finally culminating into awards night on the 15th of December 2013.

Click Here to get the low down on everything happening at Thespo 15. If you wish to be a part of TEAM THESPO - Its not too late! You can still Volunteer in various capacities for Thespo 15. Mail:

In our regular features, 

QTP Events:
Thespo 15: Nautanki Ka Junction. 10-15 December 2013 – Prithvi Theatre

Point of View: Priti Bakalkar reviews 'The Glass Menagerie'
4 Corners: Barbara Anderlic shares that 'All the Worlds a Stage'
Dolly Thakore's 'Life in Theatre': talks about A Month of Festivals.    

Great Stuff:
Trivia Time: Fun facts about Thespo 15.
Up & Coming: Complete Schedule of what to watch in December.

Curtain Call: Saatvika and Mithila (M&S) share their thoughts of Thespo 15.

Theatre Opportunities:
: Exciting workshops at Thespo 15, British Council's 'Bring home the Bard' and Theatre Professionals!

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