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We're Back!!!

Saturday, 10th March at 7 & 9:30pm
Sunday, 11th March at 6 and 8:30pm
at Prithvi Theatre
Sunday, 18th March at 6pm
at The Comedy Store

"...a must-watch"
tastefully designed set."
The humour is well-timed and the attempt to engage with the audience by weaving their responses into the performance is both bold and well executed. A witty take on desire, disappointment and envy, NBCG will keep you entertained."
- MumbaiTheatreGuide.com

Warm up those jaws!
Not for chewing but for laughing because we are back with more shows of our brand new comedy!!!

You can watch the trailer by Clicking - HERE

If you thought Tariq Vasudeva was hilarious in Project S.T.R.I.P., then you ain't seen nothing yet.
He is back in this comedy about trying not to ‘break down’ after ‘breaking up’!

Directed by Vivek Madan, Tariq is joined on stage by Freisha B., new heart throb Karan Pandit and our very own Greek goddess Kallirroi Tziafetta.

The play is about Adil, Natasha, Bob and Kara. Sometime friend or lover or colleague or roommate. Not always mutually exclusive. 

When it all comes together one evening, mixedwith copious amounts of memories - it tastes pretty funny!

 The play opened in March 2011 at Prithvi and then had a successful tour of Bangalore.
For tickets call Prithvi: 26149546 or book online: www.bookmyshow.com

For more information call 26392688 or email: qtp@qtp.in