Thespo at Prithvi

Thespo at Prithvi was started in 2007 to provide a more regular showcasing of the best youth theatre talent in the country. Thus every first Tuesday and Wednesday each month, the next generation of theatre wallahs stride across the hallowed Prithvi stage.
Thespo at Prithvi is also providing an opportunity for young theatre groups to showcase their short plays, as a pre show appetizer before the main show on each Thespo at Prithvi show day.
If you have a play that you think can work in the outdoor areas of Prithvi Theatre, email us at


Phoenix Theatre presents Chaukoni Vartul

Directed by Manohar Jagtap

Date: 5th April
Time: 7pm and 9pm

Chaukoni Vartul,is an experimental take on the concepts of dreams and reality. Charkon(Square) and Vartul(Circle) are two different geometrical concepts, where Charkon(square) represents reality and Vartul(circle) represents dreams.

It’s about the dreams of a middleclass man trapped into the dimension of reality.


Date: 6th April
Time: 9pm

Presented in two acts, both these acts are originally short fringe performances that were performed at Thespo 12.

Act 1: Zaahir Productions presents Spiral Bound

A play within a play within a play. That’s what Spiral bound is all about. A take on concentric circles that society is, it shows our struggle to survive in a world where everything is scripted for us and to think beyond the script is “politically incorrect”. A set of characters lose and gain themselves through multiple layers- which represents the identity crisis we suffer from, each day.

Act 2: Fourth Wall presents Nalli Ke Kutte

A lone Indian soldier is left to man a remote border outpost. Just as boredom draws in, he gets a new soldier for company. Things seem alright except for the fact that the new guy is from Peshawar and no one told them they were at war. Share the fun as they lay the chess pieces, haul up the stakes but forget all about the endgame.

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