Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum - Our Brand New Play!!


4th & 5th March at 6 & 9pm at Prithvi Theatre
11th and 12th March at 8pm & 13th Marc
h at 3 and 6:30pm at Jagriti Auditorium, Bangalore

2 years since our last new play, QTP is BACK!!!!

This time with a brand new comedy about trying not to ‘break down’ after ‘breaking up’!

Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum will premiere on the 4th and 5th of March at Prithvi Theatre and will head down to Bangalore at the Jagriti Auditorium from 11th – 13th of March

The production will be directed by Vivek Madan, and stars exciting talents Tariq Vasudeva, Diksha Basu, Karan Pandit and Kallirroi Tziafetta.

It happens at least once. To everyone. An awkward situation. Most people weather it, some change because of it, some aren't affected at all and some people even go looking for one. The one thing everyone does - laugh at one. But only when it’s not them.

The play is about Adil, Natasha, Bob and Kara. Sometime friend or lover or colleague or roommate. Not always mutually exclusive. When it all comes together one evening, mixed with copious amounts of memories - it tastes pretty funny!

This will be Bangalore-based director Vivek Madan’s second play for QTP after ‘Children of a Lesser God’ in 2004. This time he decided to revisit a play he had done in 2001 for Thespo.

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