The President is Coming...back to NCPA!

Saturday, 26th February at 8pm
at NCPA Experimental


2 years after our last local public performance, The President is Coming back to Bombay.

When the play opened in 2007 the cast were relative unknown. Today they make up some of the finest young acting talent the country has to offer: Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Shivani Tanksale, Namit Das, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Ira Dubey, Anand Tiwari, Satchit Puranik, Choiti Ghosh, and Anup Burte.

Written by Anuvab Pal. Directed by Kunaal Roy Kapur.

'In a dog-eat-dog world of young competitors, reality television and short-lived fame, this comedy explores a day in the life of 8 people will stop at nothing because 'THE PRESIDENT IS COMING'

“Very funny…had the audience rolling in the aisles”
“The cast is terrific…Enjoyable watch”
Times of India

“One of the top 5 plays of 2007”
- Hindustan Times

“Pal’s satire is refreshingly witty and sharp lends itself well to the stage with an intelligent mix of action, pace and dialogues.”
“Kunaal Roy Kapur’s treatment of the play is bright stylish and slick…..high dose of entertainment
…succeeds in making the audience have a great time.”
“The effort is laudable for its subversion and its potential to spark very pertinent debates.”
- Mumbai Mirror

“Playwright Anuvab Pal’s entertaining slapstick comedy draws the guffaws… ”
"One particularly hilarious contender is Bangalore based Ramesh S (brilliantly portrayed by Namit Das).”
"The plays facile humour is also laced with irony and wit – after a first half of jibes at the US, the jokes take on satirical overtones.”
Hindustan Times

“An entertaining piece of work that was one of the better productions to emerge from January’s Writers’ Bloc festival”
“Pal’s inventiveness allows for buckets of dramatic potential that director Kunaal Roy Kapur exploits successfully.”
Time Out

Saturday, 26th February at 8pm
at NCPA Experimental

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