Theatre Training - Workshops

Understanding Theatre – From Script to Stage
NCPA Audio Visual Room
Tuesday, 30th to Sunday, 5th – 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

These workshops will be conducted by Waman Kendre, Salim Arif and Atul Tiwari.

Workshop schedule:

Tuesday, 30th

· What is Theatre?

· Magic of Theatre (Play /Theatre)

· Elements of Theatre

· Elements of Drama

· Actor (Angik, Vachik, Aharya, Sublime)

· Theatre games, exercises, voice

Wednesday, 1st

· History of Theatre: Beginnings, Primitive, Greek, Indian, Ancient

· Theatre Geography/ Terminology

· The nuts and bolts of theatre — sets, lights, costumes, music, with some demos

· Read a scene/act

· Theatre games, exercised, improvisations

· Voice and speech

Thursday, 2nd

· The Giants of theatre: Seneca, Shakespeare, Kalidas, Bhaas, Brecht

· How was Shakespeare and Kalidas staged—different conventions of theatre

· The Director and his tools

· Demo of composition, emphasis, blocking, etc using participants

· Use of costumes and props

· Status games, combined improvisations, teamwork, trust and interactions

· Voice and speech (Prepare a speech)

Friday, 3rd

· Styles and genres of theatre—Stanislavsky, Brecht, Grotosky, etc

· Folk Theatre and its power

· Text, subtext, text analysis, how to ‘read’ a play

· Listen to some speeches prepared by participants

· Participants prepare small scenes

· More Exercises, voice, speech, games, fights and homework on scenes

Saturday, 4th

· Contemporary/modern: Western and Indian, General scenario, playwrights

· The great variety of theatre being staged all around the world—breaking conventions

· See participants’ scenes

· A demo by an actor like Ajay Kumar

· Read and rehearse a scene

· More exercises, improvisations, games

· Homework: Do play in groups

Sunday, 5th

· What has been learnt?

· A big group exercise using body, voice, mind, soul

· See participants’ group plays

· Valedictory, certificates, speeches, farewells

Entry on Registration. Registration Fees: Rs.4,500/- for NCPA Members and students; Rs.5,000/- for the Public for all 6 sessions.
Contact: 66223802 to register. (Between 10.00 am and 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday)