Q's Countdown - New Plays in Bombay

10 New plays that are performing in Bombay in the next few months

The monsoon is a wonderfully creative time for the average theatre-wallah. S/he is stuck at home. Can't head to rehearsal. Doesn't want to plan any shows because audiences might not come. So basically s/he sits at home and reads and plots the next venture. The next few months will see a wonderful array of work being staged in Bombay for the first time. These are just a few of them that I want to catch. Here goes 10 plays that are coming soon to a theatre near you:

  1. Copenhagen: This one has been in rehearsal for quite a few months. It will star Tom Alter, Vivek Tandon and Dolly Thakore. Written by Michael Frayn, the play is about 2 nuclear physicists who meet in Denmark during World War II. One is a Jew, the other a German Nazi. The special production, directed by Avaan Patel, should open in September.

  2. A Walk in The Woods: At present this production has no real premiere date. It is just a thought in the head of an acclaimed director, who's work is always exciting to watch. The play is about a 2 men on either side of the cold war talking about Disarmament. Hopefully rehearsals will start after the rains subside, and then maybe an early 2011 launch.

  3. Sound of Music: The prolific people at ACE seem to be ready to reboot this all time classic. Many Von Trapp children have been auditioned and it almost definitely will feature Bombay's own nightingale Delna Mody. The musical promises to be big budget and a lot of fun.

  4. Greatest Show on Earth: Another musical from the ACE team (will they ever stop!). This one is actually a new piece of writing by a theatre-wallah who is coming out of self-imposed exile after many years. It sounds fascinating because a newly written Indian musical is not a regular occurrence. Not sure when it will happen though, plans are still in development.

  5. The Rummy Game: An adaptation of the Gin Game, this play had quite an extensive run a few years ago. But when Hosi Vasunia suddenly passed away, the two-hander was put into cold storage. Alyque Padamsee will mark his return as an actor, and play opposite grande dame Sabira Merchant. The show will open in August with a few test performances and then is sure to run in the big theatres. Oh by the way, this one is by ACE as well!!!

  6. Daak Ghar: Sunil Shanbag is continuing his fascination with great plays. After using Sakharam Binder and No. 1 Mahadevbhai as source material for his plays, he now turns his attention to the Rabindranath Tagore Classic. The show is scheduled to open in August.

  7. A Guy Thing: The play is originally called Dirty Talk, but unfortunately because another production used the name, they had to change this one. It's been quite a few weeks since we've seen a new production from Akvarious, so this one opening end July is no surprise. Starring two of Bombay's most delicious actors Ali Fazal and Neil Bhoopalam, opening night is sure to be packed with women. Originally it screened for Thespo last year, and word is that it would have made it, had they been able to prepare a bit more. But now it makes its 'professional' debut.

  8. Second Hand Emotions: Akvarious has a another production in development. When it will quite develop no one is sure. But Akash Khurana is at the helm, so we know two things: One, the process on creating the play will be unique, weird and exhilaration. And two, it will be quite something to watch.

  9. Bust: This is the latest play from Ram Ganesh Kamatham. And it's coming to Bombay end of July. The show, which opened in Bangalore a few weeks ago, is about 3 women who are searching for an ancient relic in Bangalore. But strangely there are only two women listed in the cast....hmmm....intriguing....

  10. Disappearing Number: This only makes the list because Prithvi have tried so hard to bring the play down for so many years, and finally all the stars aligned and it's coming in August. Complicite's play is about the correspondence between two Mathematicians, Hardy in the UK and Ramanujan in Chennai. I saw it a couple of years ago, and it is quite a visual treat, save for the token Indian elements like the Bharatnatyam dancer and tabla player. But the show makes for arresting visuals and some breathtaking sequences. Pity tickets are priced so high - Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,500.
Well that's the list. Let me know if you have heard of any more shows that are in development and likely to open in the next few months.

Also if there are any 'countdowns' you would like me to...well...countdown, just comment on this page.