Great Text Reading - Come read a play with us!

On the last Monday of every month people meet in Q's drawing room to read a play they may have heard of but not necessarily have read. Writer's come to see how the greats wrote, actors come to play multiple parts and theatre lovers come because it keeps them in touch with the art form. It is open all and everyone takes turns in playing characters from the play. Discussions ensue after over tea and biscuits.

The Great Texts evenings of 2010 have really been an exciting affair. Large turn out has ensured that we can read plays with multiple characters and slightly difficult themes. One such was read in April. Ancient Greek playwright, Aeschylus's "The Suppliants". The story, taken from the Epic Cycle, tells how the fifty daughters of Danaus, sought in marriage by their cousins, the fifty sons of Aegyptus, fled for protection to the city of Argos.

What was fascinating was how Greek Mythology interprets the geography of the world for themselves. The plot of the play however revolved around how the 50 virgins have to prove that they are of Argive birth, in order to receive asylum there. Although the play was in verse the dozen tone deaf readers soldiers on, but a recap was required every 30 minutes or so. In a modern context the play through up some interesting questions about political asylum, belonging, democracy and even parallels to an
Immigration Exam! The play was a little heavy to digest but the discussion post the reading covered a variety of topics including theology and mythology of different cultures.

As a departure from the ancient, it has been decided to read a modern Great Text. So in May we will be reading Jez Butterworth's 'Jerusalem'.

The play has very little to do with the Israeli city, but rather is set on St George's Day, the morning of the local county fair. Johnny Byron, local waster and modern day Pied Piper, is a wanted man. The council officials want to serve him an eviction notice, his son, Marky wants his dad to take him to the fair, Troy Whitworth wants to give him a serious kicking and a motley crew of mates want his ample supply of drugs and alcohol.

The play is at present running very successfully in England and after opening at the Royal Court Theatre London last year, has even transfered to the West End. Considered one of the best plays to come out of the UK in the last few years we thought it apt to read it in May.

Great Texts will be on the 31st of May at 7:30pm at 18 Anukool, Sq. Ldr. Harminder Singh Marg, 7 Bungalows. Next to Daljit Gym. All are welcome. If you need directions call Quasar on 26392688 or 9821087261.