Thespo at Prithvi - Introducing Dramabaazi!

Note on the Playshop:
Thespo is a youth theatre movement that organises workshops, performances and theatre festivals across India for participants under 25 years of age. Started in 1999, all Thespo activities are aimed at promoting and encouraging theatre amongst the youth and giving them a platform.
This year, as an addition to our regular activities, we have initiated the Dramabaazi programme that aims to combine the talent of young theatre-wallahs with the imagination of children to explore various aspects of theatre, discuss, debate and rehearse the text (playscript) and finally experience the thrill of performing to an audience in a professional theatre set up.

Structure of the playshop:
The Dramabaazi playshop is unique programme designed for participants in the age group of 10-14 years of age. The playshop will run from 30 April to 31 May. This will be followed by shows at Prithvi Theatre on the 1 and 2 of June 2010. The sessions will be held 4-6 days per week. Each session will be between 2-4 hours. The sessions will get more intensive closer to the days of performance. For the most part, the sessions will be held in Prabhadevi. A few sessions will be scheduled closer to Prithvi Theatre and in the theatre.

Design of the playshop:
Initial sessions will cover ice-breaker and warm up exercises followed by some interactive theatre games aimed at bringing the participants to work as a team. These exercises will mainly be led by Abhishek Saha and 3-4 Dramabaazi co-ordinators. Slowly the text (play script) will be introduced in the sessions as topics for improvisations, storytelling, song writing and general discussions. The latter half of the sessions will focus on rehearsing the play for the public performances and the playshop will culminate with shows on 1 & 2 of June 2010 at Prithvi Theatre. The performance will not only feature the children participants, but also some of the playshop co-ordinators (between 18-25 years) in the adult roles.
As the playshop is only for a short intense period and culminates in a full length theatrical production, it is crucial that participants attend all the sessions.

Fees for the playshop: Rs.5000 only.
Registration closes on 15th April 2010. The final list of selected participants will be announced on 20th April 2010.


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