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The following is a list of shows you should watch out for this month. The code to it's deciphering is as follows:
in blue are QTP events
Those with an (R) next to them means that we have reviewed it, and if you require a review simply email us at qtheatreproductions@gmail.com asking for it.
Those with an (PP) next to them means that it is a platform performance, entry free!

Date, Day Time & Venue Play Notes
6, Fri
6:30pm, NCPA Exp. Life, Love and Other Madness Will a second honeymoon bring a couple closer? Will two husbands return to the wives they fled?
7, Sat 4 & 7pm, NCPA Exp. Class of '84 A roller-coaster ride about friendship, filled with pathos and humour.
11am, Prithvi Charandas Chor The story of Charandas, a loveable chor who takes 4 vows in jest.
8, Sun 4 & 7pm, NCPA Exp Love Letters A tender sketch of the bond between two people who cannot live with or without each other.
6:30pm, Tata Theatre Cyrusitis With Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Vijayakar.
8pm, Horniman Circle Garden Charandas Chor A Naya Theatre Presentation.
9:30pm, Prithvi Sahyande Makan - The Elephant Project Based on the Malayalam poem by Vyloppilli Sreedhara Menon, the play depicts the conflicts between the external and internal realities as symbolized by an elephant.
9, Mon
6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi The Hamlet Quartet An Amitesh Grover Presentation.
10, Tue
6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Neelkanth Nirala The play celebrates the life of eminent Hindi poet Suryakant Tripathi Nirala who is revered as one of the stalwarts of Hindi literature.
8pm, Horniman Circle Garden Sahyande Makan - The Elephant Project

A Theatre Roots and Wings Presentation.

8pm, Karnataka Sangha The Hamlet Quartet Raw theatre and live multimedia come together for this fascinating exploration.
11, Wed
6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Harsingar The play refers to a small white flower which lasts for a very short time, and is considered to be a favourite of Lord Shiva’s.
8pm, Horniman Circle Garden Sahyande Makan - The Elephant Project Directed by Sankar Venkateswaran
8pm, Karnataka Sangha Equus An intriguing exploration of normalcy and insanity, passion and pain, worship and religion
12, Thu 6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Kahan Gaye Mere Ugna A Nirman Kala Manch Presentation.
8pm, Horniman Circle Garden Equus Directed by Vikram Iyengar.
8pm, Karnataka Sangha Venissina Vyaapaara A Ninasam Tirugata Presentation.
13, Fri
7pm , NCPA Exp. Hum Kahein Aap Suney An Ekjute Presentation.
6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi The Flying Wallas - Opera Noir Directed by Jeet Thayil & Suman Sridhar
8pm, Horniman Circle Garden Aakaashabheri A Kannada adaptation of Piyush Mishra’s Hindi play, Gagan Damama Bajau.
8pm, Karnataka Sangha Bidesia The story revolves around a woman’s determination to get her wayward husband back, after he migrates to Calcutta in search of work and takes up with another woman.
14, Sat 6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Equus An intriguing exploration of normalcy and insanity, passion and pain, worship and religion.
8pm, Karnataka Sangha Aakaashabutti Directed by S. Raghunandana.
7pm, NCPA Exp. Yumraj Ji, Kuchh Kariye!! With Ankur Parekh, Kamna Ranawat, Ishrat Khan, Vijay Singh, Mithilesh Maihar, Ghafeer Husain, Raj Yadav and others
15, Sun
11am, Prithvi Aakaashabheri Directed by Sanjay Upadhyay.
3pm, Prithvi Yakshagana : Vidyunmati Kalyaana Based on a traditional prasanga by Halasinahalli Narasimha Shastry
8pm, Prithvi Venissina Vyaapaara Directed by Akshara K.V.
8pm, Horniman Circle Garden Dharti Aaba The story of Birsa Munda, a tribal leader who struggled to save his land and people from exploitation by the zamindars and British rulers.
6:30pm, Tata Theatre Oye Band Baj Gaye!

A Pravaah Production.

16, Mon 8pm, Horniman Circle Garden The Flying Wallas - Opera Noir A lyrical conversation between a soprano and a ghost about God, murder and showbiz.
17, Tue 6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi The Hare and the Tortoise A dramatic meditation on the ethical possibilities inherent in the notion of contemporaneity.
18, Wed
6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Ganapati Directed by Veenapani Chawla.
19, Thu
6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Impressions of Bhima A deconstruction of this hero, where the man of physical power and strength becomes in the end a psychological hero.
20, Fri 6 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Rhinoceros An Adhishakti Presentation.
21, Sat 6 & 9pm, Prithvi Hadh Kar di Apne A Yatri Presentation.
7pm, NCPA Exp. Salaam India

Written by Nicholas Khargaonkar. Directed by Lushin Dubey

22, Sun
6 & 9pm, Prithvi Bhaag Chalein Directed by Om Katare.
24, Tue
9pm, Prithvi Anandbhog Mall The play is a story of a couple living in one of the small cities in India.
25, Wed
6:30 & 9pm, Prithvi Legitimate Hooey The play reveals 17 nights in the life of a modern-day young urban couple Nilu and Anju.
26, Thu 6:30 & 9pm, Prithvi Kashmir Kashmir An Aasakta Pune Presentation.
27, Fri 7 & 9:30pm, Prithvi Brief Candle With Amar Talwar, Joy Sengupta, Suchitra Pillai, Zafar Karachiwala, Manasi Parekh and Satchit Puranik
28, Sat 7pm, NCPA Exp. The Skeleton Woman A young writer with a potent imagination finds himself enmeshed between fantasy and reality.
6 & 9pm, Prithvi Wedding Album Written by Girish Karnad. Directed by Lillete Dubey.
29, Sun 6:30pm, NCPA Exp. The Skeleton Woman A Quaff Theatre Presentation.
6 & 9pm, Prithvi Brief Candle A Prime Time Theatre Presentation.

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