Trivia Time

The Show Must Go On
On a muggy 2nd September, Confessions is playing as part of Thespo at Prithvi. Most of the play is a writer is being interrogated for the nature of his stories. Usually a dark comedy, but on this night, even darker!
Midway through the second act Juhu suffers a complete power cut. The entire area is engulfed in darkness. On stage there is utter silence. Backstage there is panic.
But before anyone can step out and apologise for the interruption, Katurian (Divyang Thakkar) asks his interrogator (Kashin Shetty), "Do you want me to continue?"
Pat comes Kashin's reply, "
This may take a while. It happens here often."
And the play continued.
The audience first thought this was part of the play, and then sensing the problem, one of them switched on a torch and lit the actors from the first row. Soon others followed, and the play continued for the duration of the black out lit by the audience and their mobile phones. Truly a magic moment, where the audience actively were part of the performance.
For once no one asked the audience to switch off their mobile phones!!!!