Great Text Reading - Come read a play with us.

On the last monday of every month people meet in Q's drawing room to read a play they may have heard of but not necessarily have read. Writer's come to see how the greats wrote, actors come to play multiple parts and theatre lovers come because it keeps them in touch with the art form. It is open all and everyone takes turns in playing characters from the play. Discussions ensue after over tea and biscuits.

In the month of July, we read Katherine Thomson's 'Diving for Pearls' - "a story of two ordinary people discarded by the lean, mean 90's world.

The reading seemed to be long, due to some of the dialogues going on for a while. But everyone present were able to relate to the play in terms of the struggle faced by the characters in the modern world. One couldn't help but feel for a character named Den, an unskilled labourer who spends all his money on the woman he loves who in turns leaves him to join the hospitality business. Ultimately Den loses his job because the factory he works in shuts down in order to build a new resort. Similarilities were drawn to the shutdown of mills in Bombay.

In the month of August, we will be reading Shankar Shesh's 'Aadhi Raat Ke Baad' - "a play that deals with the age old theme of ‘the thief with a golden heart."

Shankar Shesh, a Hindi playwright, wrote a number of powerful scripts in the late sixties and early seventies, had also written a number of plays keeping in mind the problems faced by the amateur theatre groups in the country. The problem of non availability of female artistes and also the problem of dearth of trained and competent actors. Hence, he wrote plays with no female characters and with minimum number of artistes.

Aadhi Raat Ke Baad deal with a thief who is on the run as a rich builder, whom he wants to expose, is after his life. He takes refuge in the house of a judge and wants that the judge should hand him over to the police, as he would be feel safer in lock-up than he does when he is free.

We will be reading it on the 31st of August at 7:30pm at 18 Anukool, Sq. Ldr. Harminder Singh Marg, 7 Bungalows. Next to Daljit Gym. All are welcome. If you need directions call Himanshu on 26392688 or 9820356150.We hope to see you at these and many more